The Thin Line Between Love and Hate


In 2008, a neurobiologist, Professor Semir Zeki from University College London’s Laboratory of Neurobiology conducted a research about the origin of hate. In this research, he tried to find out which part of the brain becomes activated when a subject is exposed to the photograph of the person he or she hates. It turns out that the several active brain parts when hatred arises has the same pattern as when the feeling of love emerges. Well, no wonder there’s a thin line between love and hate…

Though the difference is subtle, but it is quite prominent. When love emerges, the part of the brain which is working while we are judging someone is inactive. Whereas, where hate arises, this judging part of the brain becomes active – to evaluate or predict the behavior of a person.

On my previous article about the many reasons to hate, I mentioned about the cause of hate which is rooted from the karmic bonds. In this article, I’d like to explore more and tell you the story of a client who suffered from love due to her karmic relationship from her past life.

Let’s just call her Julie. When I met her, Julie told me about her unrequited love for the past dozen years. Can you imagine, she had been loving the same person who did not accept her love for more than a dozen year. How could that even happen?

After doing a past life regression (a method infused in the QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique that I conduct), I got an extremely surprising information. It turned out that Julie got a very strong relationship with this man in her past life. There, this man tried to rape her, and in that attempt, Julie was killed. Before she was dead, she still hold her anger and resentment towards this man who was her employer at that time. Because of this intense anger, their karmic relation continued to her present life. But here in this present life, the situation is different; it is not that she hated him, she became in love with him.

In Julie’s case, there’s something she hasn’t yet done in her previous life, which was to forgive and let go of that man who hurt her. And because the lesson was yet undone, now she had to face the same lesson, learning how to forgive and let go.

There are many lessons in life. And usually they are learnt through our relationships with the people around us. And each relationship is never a coincident; each has its own connection with karma. Whatever in your hands now is the fruit of the actions you have done, in this lifetime or the previous ones. If you are suffering, you might want to reflect upon your life – is there anything or anyone yet to sincerely forgive and let go as your life lessons?

Each person we hate must want to teach us something. So, imagine if we are plunged into the misery of judging and hating that person for a lifetime. Even more, if we are having a bad relationship and holding grudge towards the person, how could we learn our lessons? By continuing to hate, we are skipping our chances to grow and cultivate ourselves; how far we are able to accept whatever happen, have patience in facing whatever may come our way and to sincerely forgive and let go.
Without these persons we consider irritating, we can never learn and become a better person. So, at the end, we are just sharing roles on Earth; there’s no one who’s truly good and truly bad because we all need one another to grow.

Torn piece of paper with the word “Forgive” in the woman’s palms.

When your hate towards that someone arises, let’s think about it, do you want to cross that thin line within your brain? Do you want to again skip this lesson and continue judging the person you hate? Well, I hope you make a correct decision this time.

Love & light,


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