Simple Way to Achieve Ikigai


The ikigai diagram that we talk about in the previous article explains how various aspects in life need to be achieved so that we can achieve the balance. What about you? Have you known various important aspects of your life? I hope you have already known them 🙂


After knowing those aspects, now your job is to integrate them into your job. For some people, a moment when they realize their life purpose can be a tricky euphoria moment. It’s tricky because many people think that they will be free from problems by executing their life purpose.


In fact, although we consciously choose to follow our life purpose, there will be problem that we have to face. Moreover, if what we have done is far from our life purpose, there will be many considerations, compromise, and friction in every decision making.


However, there are also people who choose to neglect their life purpose since they think that their journey is too hard and seems so utopian. “Ignorance is a bliss,” so they say. In fact, neglecting our life purpose means neglecting ourselves.


Now I will bring you back to our topic: how to integrate various aspects into your job. Indeed, the journey that you need to take is long and full of challenges and therefore you need strategy and plan. For example, you are an architect whose hobby is playing guitar and your dream is to be a guitarist who can encourage many people. From an architect to a musician seems so far, right?


But, don’t be disappointed. We can start by arranging strategy to master music instrument sooner, possess experience of playing music instrument, and compose a nice song which can attract many people. These three steps can be efficient ways for you to change your job and don’t forget to arrange the detail one by one: How much time and budget do you need to be a musician? Where can you learn music? What kind of music instrument that you need to buy? And any detail that you need to think about.


Indeed, this plan may take a long time to accomplish. But, don’t give up. Just keep doing what has been planned and focus on this moment. Thus, you’ll be more stable and consistent. You can achieve it faster as well, whether you are a doctor who wants to be a chef or an accountant who wants to be a florist. If your job already matches your life purpose, you may still need strategy and plan in order that your life purpose can be achieved sooner.


Have you got a job that matches your life purpose? What’s your strategy and plan to achieve life purpose through ikigai? Don’t hesitate to share what you think in comment column 🙂

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