Finding Life Purpose through Ikigai


Imagine that you have a job which suits the skill that you have mastered for a long time. It is easy for you to do that job, isn’t it? Now, imagine that your job is your hobby as well and it is a ladder for you to achieve your life goal, plus this job gives many benefits; not only for you but also for many people. Oh, how ideal this career life is! However, in fact, how many of us can achieve this balance?

Ikigai is another name of this condition. Ikigai is a Japanese term which means “life purpose.” Ikigai itself has a diagram which can help us to understand factors that influence the accomplishment of life purpose.


The intersections of outer circles contain terms which are usually known by many people: passion, profession, job which is useful for people/world (vocation), and mission. However, I often meet people who only have one or two of these things.

For example, someone has mission and passion but he/she has no appropriate job. On the other side, there is someone whose job is very important for people yet unsuitable for his/her passion and mission. I’m not surprised that nowadays, there are many people who have less spirit during workdays and ‘explode’ when holiday comes.

As a good concept, ikigai teaches us the importance of living with emphasizing various aspects. Please read again the components in outer sides of those circles. What component haven’t you found/known? What do you like?

What skill do you master? In your opinion, what things do people/world need nowadays? Eventually, you will face a question: what job can cover all of these answers?

If you are confused about the answer, you can start by observing your daily activities. You can also ask yourself or ask your relative’s opinion. You can also ask spiritual coach or spiritual companion like me to help you to be one step closer to ikigai.

Hope you find this article useful and please don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends/relatives who need this information 🙂

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