In This Hateful Era: How Can We Solve Things Out?


The Las Vegas mass shooting happened just few days ago drew sympathy from all around the world. Having 59 people killed and 527 people injured, it’s said to be the deadliest shooting mass in the modern America history. There are lots of issues and assumptions surrounding the motives of the aggressor; some say that it’s inspired by the terrorist movement, some refuse to associate this act with terrorism. But, regardless of the motivation of the attacker, this incident has terribly left many people with fear and trauma.

In this era of information, it is too easy for us to receive and share all kinds of information. But, unfortunately, this convenience oftentimes is misused by some people to share their hatred against some issues. No wonder day by day we hear more and more news about slander, physical or mental violence, and clashes – also happening between us.

Perhaps some of you might question, “Why does this have to happen?”, “Why are there some people who are full of hatred?” and many other questions which are trying to dig deeper into the cause of how this hatred could emerge in the first place.

Of course, there are many triggers to hatred; one might get hurt in the past, another might have dissatisfaction towards others or even towards themselves, and even to uneasy karmic bonds from the past lives. However, the root of all these causes oftentimes is this: the lack of love – lack of love and understanding towards others and also towards one self.

One popular saying goes like this, “If you do not know someone, it will be hard for you to love the person”. Generally, we tend to understand and forgive those who are closest to us better: parents, best friends, siblings – because we know their life journeys and we understand what they feel.

Take this as an example. Imagine you’re a career woman who just got home after all day working and overtime at the office. Again, let’s imagine that when you got home you saw how messy your home is. Perhaps, by this time, your anger would arise. Or even hatred, towards that person who causes so much mess and dirt at home. You really are just tired and all you’d want to do is just to have some rest. But, once you know that it’s your small baby who did it, there’s no way you would yell at her and scold her, right?

Yes, there is a huge possibility that the person we hate the most is also undergoing so much pressure and pain in their lives, causing them to have that bad attitude. We do not know what that person is thinking, worrying about, or even what problems they are actually facing. But, wouldn’t it be wise if we could let go of the hatred we hold towards them?

And, besides, we know exactly how it feels too, don’t we?! The gloomy days when we are facing streaks of problems which make us frantic, let alone able to think clearly. In a day like this, we also want to be understood and forgiven, yes?!

We are too easily provoked by hate. But not necessarily easy to be provoked by love. If we could shout out so loud defending something with so much hatred, why can’t we do the same for love and with so much love?

Starting from now on, it’s time for us to learn to understand and love each other more and more day by day.

Love & light,

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