A Victim of Bad Premonition? You Are Not Alone!


“Last I had a dream that your marriage will end up in divorce. You’re preparing your wedding, right? Maybe you should reconsider your choice…”

Have you had this kind of message addressed to you before? It can either be from a friend, a relative, or even a stranger. If yes, you don’t need to worry, you are not alone! My friends, my clients, and I have gone through the same experience, too. Lots of us may feel scared, worried and also paranoid when all of a sudden we hear a bad news presented to us. Not only it does not help us, oftentimes, this message also left us being unproductive and drowned into negative thinking.

On the previous article, I explain how not everyone is ready to hear our (bad) premonition. I also mention how our premonition can also be our mere feeling, a manifestation of our fear and worries, not only towards others, but also the ones which nestle within us. But, unfortunately, not many truly understand that we don’t always have to deliver our premonition flatly or wholly. We also need to choose which feeling or premonition we should consider or simply ignore.

About a year ago, a female client came to me. Let’s call her Suzy to make it easy. When Suzy first met me, she was so worried and felt so hopeless due to her illness. Before she got married, she got in relationship with a married man who turned out had a sexually transmitted disease. Suzy shared her story to her fiancé at that time, and yet, in such a loving way, he accepted her condition though he knew they would not be able to have a sexual relationship with her yet.

However, her illness made Suzy terribly sad and worried; can this illness be cured? Can she have children? She’s also scared if she could not make her husband happy and fulfilled. When I went through her story, we discovered how this fear is rooted in the doctrines told by her father; of how having sexual relationship before marriage (not a virgin) is a terrible sin and made her totally despicable. She was also told how being ‘a dishonorable person’ could lessen the power of her prayers.

Moreover, Suzy once also went to a fortune teller who admitted to be a medium of a goddess. This fortune teller explained that Suzy could suffer from this disease because she was so full of sins in her past lives and so she should do more good deeds. They even made a special ceremony for her to help improve her condition. But, unfortunately, what said by this fortune teller made her feeling even worse – the more she felt sinful and worthless, and nothing can really help her to be better. She was ready to commit suicide in those few days.

But, let me ask you here, who on earth has not sinned before? Born as a human, we must have reincarnated many many times before in many lives with many roles. So, it would be impossible to be born without having mistakes or bad karma in the past. Although the fortune teller was not all wrong, the way he delivered the message could cause new problems in someone else’s life.

In facing a bad premonition or during a fortune telling, it is always good for you to calm yourself down a little bit. Reconsider and rethink, does the message make sense? For example, you are being told that you are not compatible with your current romantic partner and it is better if you call off the relationship. Ask yourself: Are you guys truly not compatible? Do you guys fight often? Do you guys hurt each other? Do you both love one another? By trying to reflect and contemplate all the message, suggestion and premonition you receive, you can calm down more and selectively choose which message do relate with you and you could take into consideration.

At the end, we need to learn to be faithful and to surrender. Have faith that whatever meant to happen will happen eventually. If something could not be hindered, there must a lesson ad blessing for us beyond what we can yet comprehend. And surrender and believe that we will be given strength and wisdom to face all the circumstances in life.

If you’ve received bad premonition before, or an advice which trouble your mind, leaving you feeling worried, fearful and unfocused in the present, perhaps it will be good for you to consult to a spiritual companion or a professional counselor. They can help you to feel calm and at ease, so that you can focus on what you can do in the present to improve your whole being.

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