4 Types of Premonition That You Shouldn’t Ignore


Have you ever heard someone says this to you, “I had a hunch that something bad is going to happen”? Or perhaps it’s you yourself who’ve felt that something bad was going to happen when you would do something? Was this feeling so disturbing you immediately had to cancel or postpone your plan? Well, my friend, this feeling is called “premonition.”

Premonition is a common thing; it can be as simple as when you can guess who is calling although you aren’t waiting for any news from anyone. It can also be in a form like when you change your route and it turns out it saves you from an accident. For some people, premonitions that come for several times (or often), concerning themselves or other people whilst cannot be proved and doesn’t always give big impact – may leave the room for doubt of whether these premonitions are real.

For those who have strong gut instinct, they may find it is exhausting to follow every single premonition that pops out, especially a premonition concerning other people and a premonition that you just cannot avoid. For example, you get a premonition that’s telling you that one of your relatives is going to pass away. Would you dare to tell people about this? You doubt it, don’t you? Or, for instance, you get a premonition that says that you shouldn’t sleep at a certain room in a hotel. Before “it is proved that there is something”, you may think twice: Do I need to follow this premonition?

However, at the end of the day, the choice is yours; do you want to follow your premonition? Or you just want to neglect it? This premonition can be correct but it can also be a projection of your fear only. You may conduct your own experiment to see how accurate your premonition is. However, no matter what you choose, there are 4 types of premonition that you simply should not neglect.

1. A Premonition Concerning Health and Safety
Do you remember 9/11 attack that happened in America in 2001? It turns out that there are many stories behind this disaster. Several stories pointed out how some visitors felt strong hunch and premonitions that urged them to leave the building which ended up saving them from the incident. Perhaps you hear this kind of story often.

The emerging premonition is very strong; the push and discomfort which emerge are so strong that people who feel them simply cannot neglect them. If you experience this type of premonition, you shouldn’t ignore it. Try to follow this hunch.

2. A Premonition That Seems So Real

I had a female client who got a premonition in the form of a vision (visual images) which was so real concerning her girlfriend. This vision was like a movie where she could watch every dangerous scene that might happen to her girlfriend. Because this vision was so real, she called her girlfriend immediately. To her surprise, after she ended the call, an accident that looked like her vision happened. Luckily, because she had warned her girlfriend, this dangerous accident could be overcome quickly.

Have you ever got a vision like what my client got? If so, it’s better for you to follow this premonition and find the best way to prevent bad things to happen.

3. A Premonition That Occurs Many Times

Sometimes we need a sign/premonition to help us in making decision. However, when the signs appear, we often doubt them; are they for real?

One way to be more convinced about our gut instinct is by asking this premonition to come repeatedly/ more than once. The interesting thing is that afterwards, we may experience the same thing repeatedly. We may have the same dream for some nights or hear the same kind of words or sentences repeatedly. When the intensity is high, you should really pay attention to the message of your premonition.

4. A Premonition That Comes with Physical Symptom

Have you ever felt a premonition which comes with stomachache, headache or any kind of sensation in parts of your body?

Each person is sensitive to different things. On people who are sensitive on their physical body, usually the body area which is in pain can be a sign/symbol of the life area which needs to be taken care of. If you’re feeling this type of premonition in your body, there is a probability that you are are asked to look inside yourself and you can no longer run from or avoid your problems or life challenges that you are facing or you will face.

Premonition has a tendency to save people from dangerous situations. However, it doesn’t always need to be related to accident, death, or serious illness. A premonition may give you a chance where you can make your life better. For instance, when you are waiting for a taxi to go home, you may get a bad feeling and you decide to take another vehicle. Although afterwards there is no dangerous news on your previous route, you may get the chance to meet a new person who can be your business partner, client, or even your life partner!

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If you experience one of these 4 types of premonition, perhaps there is a big thing which waits for you or even can change your life. However, no matter what happens (both good and not so good), you know you have done your best. Thus, you have no regrets in life. Everything happens perfectly just the way it is and it happens at the right time and at the right circumstances.

Are you feeling some kind of premonition recently? What does it feel like? How do you respond to it? Please share your story on the comment column below.

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