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Dear blessed people,

On December 20, 2014 from 3 to 6 pm, I had my first ever group hypnosis session in Indonesia, or specifically, Jakarta. There were eight participants and another QHHT Practitioner, Willy Haryadi, who supported me during this premiere session. It was great fun! Very exciting! And everyone was willing to share their personal stories about what they saw during the hypnosis. Questions asked, answers discussed. A warm/cold multi-grain sweet porridge and litchi fruit to accompany the rainy day.

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The 3-hours event was divided into three hypnosis sessions:
– Past Life Regression
– Meeting Spirit Guide/ Guardian Angel
– Future Life Progression

We also talked about Dolores Cannon and her works, about QHHT and its magic, the possibility of healing, the spiritual plane, past life, and many more…

And just few days after the event, one participant who also happened to be one of my beloved QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) client shared this good news to me. I’ll write it down for you:

“This is the second time I experience a hypnosis session, although this one is a group one. I still can get a lot of important information, especially from my spirit guide. I have also come to understand that the painful sensation I have on my right belly actually relates to my past life. During the session, it was said that the ‘door’ will be opened for three days. Where, if allowed, I will be able to receive answers in meditation or dreams. And on the third night, I have got the answers to my questions. Thanks Amelia for this incredible wonderful second experience. God bless you.”

It was such an incredible experience for her and this has given me motivation to conduct more group hypnosis sessions in the future. I am hoping to see more people in my next event and more benefits spread out for higher purpose of our humanity.



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