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Find your TRUE LOVE in this Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air!

Yes, of course you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

But wait, February is more than just the month when you can celebrate Valentine’s day with candle light dinner, flowers, chocolate together with your romantic partner (although yes, of course you want them). Time flies quickly, isn’t it? So, let’s use this month to REFLECT upon your romantic relationship.

Have you found “the one” yet?
Are you happy in your relationship?
Is your partner happy with the relationship?
Do you know how you both perceive each other’s words and actions?
Have you played your part in creating a blossoming romantic life?
What can you both do to nurture this love to be an everlasting one? Or perhaps, to solve the challenges you both are facing at the moment?

Finding the answers to these questions will HELP you to truly discover what LOVE is and what TRUE LOVE is all about. I personally choose to use this heart-shaped Tarot spread to help you-and-I dig deep and find the answers within.

If you’re a Tarot reader like me, you’ll know that this is a useful and powerful tool. But, hey, don’t worry.. if you’re not one, I’ve committed the following weeks to help you in your romantic path. Together, three of us — you, and I, and your partner — we’ll unfold the cards and have those questions answered, plus some more insights like:

  • What does my partner actually hope from this relationship?
  • What’s actually happening between us?
  • What have you been doing to each other all this time?
  • And.. what the future holds?

If you know that you’ll receive blessing and benefits from this reading, you can register now. And if you’re single (which is also awesome), you can still benefit from a Tarot reading session. Let’s answer the big 5W 1H questions you’re curious about. THIS can be the most rewarding GIFT you give yourself, and your partner! 


Yes, I want to have the session for myself: IDR 250,000,

Yes, I and my partner (couple) will have the session together: IDR 400,000,-


We’ll have a 60-minute heart to heart conversation via Skype. And this SPECIAL promo lasts ONLY until February 14, 2015. You can save up to IDR 100,000 for a session. Make the best use of your time, I know you’ll be grateful that you do. You can also visit my page and read what others say about me. 


Let's have the reading


To finish off, I want to present you this powerful quote from one of my favourite Gurus from the Eastern wisdom:

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu

Ain’t that beautiful! For now, I wish you the MAGIC of LOVE and until then, take care!

Light and love,



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