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Throughout our lives, from the day we were born till the day we will be facing our deaths,

we are surrounded by people and conditions that serve as LESSONS for us to learn.

However, most of the times, we forget how POWERFUL and WISE we are.

We think that we are “only human” and humans are fragile, they can make mistakes.

Through these classes & events, you are given a CHANCE to be reminded of WHO YOU TRULY ARE.


who are able to HEAL all your problems (challenges), emotional or even physical illness by your own self.

That’s how powerful you are!


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Who I Am:

ameliadevina1My GOAL is to help you find out who you truly are and why you are here, and therefore, you are able to live as the TRUE YOU while you’re here.
I do that by giving you tools (healing, reading, wisdom, etc.) that you can immediately apply to improve your life, your relationship, your wealth, your health and many more than you can possibly dreamed of.

Like you, I also believe in the power of love and the power of mind. I have faith in my unlimited potential and capabilities, and I know with the help of Divine guidance and my thriving self-works, I will be able to be the best version of myself in this lifetime.

My current services are healing through QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), Chakra Healing, Card Reading and Realm Reading, Intuitive Counseling and Intuitive Coaching.

Find more about me here.

A thousand thank you to Amel for snapping me out of the vortex of problems that I’ve encountered in life. For not being so judgmental for my views to the world and myself. For sharing thoughtful feedbacks without dictating. For reminding me to accept and love myself. For the unforgettable and worth remembering session! For now and forth, I feel so liberated from those negativity that holds me back from moving forward. — Dian, Indonesia


Topics that I cover:

   Discover Your Purpose, Design Your Future

   Mindfulness (For Works, In Schools, For Happier & More Meaningful Life)

   Healthy Breakups – Move On Happily, Receive Enlightenment Spiritually

   Past Life Regression

   Group Regression: Past Life, Communication with Angels & Spirit Guide, Future Life

   How to Know and Read Signs From the Universe

   Understand the Concept of Creation and Oneness

   Chakra Wisdom for a Wholesome Life

   Karmic Management

   Spiritual Intelligence

   The Deep Love Revolution

   many more, suited to what you actually need


My classes and events are perfect for:

   Everyone who wants to live a happier, more peaceful and more meaningful life

   Everyone who wants to know their life purpose and why they are here

   Everyone who wants to live their dream life and attracts more love and abundance

   Office people/ business people/ entrepreneurs who are stressful at work and want to increase level of happiness, calmness, creativity and productivity

   Students and teenagers who are questioning life and want to live in harmony with their parents, their friends and their teachers; achieve better results at school and have A+ attitude in life

  Everyone whose heart is broken and needs to move on healthily and happily, and at the same time, gains inward wisdom

   Everyone who is curious about life and wants to receive clear and more Divine guidance

  Mother, father, son, daughter, teachers and students, employees and employers.. Basically, everyone who wants to be the best version of himself or herself on Earth


Dear Amelia, you are like a crystal light shine upon my darkest side when I am so disappointed with my life. Your words brought me wisdom, your stand made me not to runaway from the truth but to claim my strength. You are truly an angel. — Maylin, Counselor, Australia

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Feel free to send me an email and communicate your needs and desires to me.

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