The most beautiful form of feedback are these praises from those who have had sessions with me. Love and blessings be upon you and I really really hope that whatever your dreams are, the universe will conspire to make them come true. Deepest love and deepest gratitude.


Very soon after starting to work with Amelia it became clear that she is a talented, highly energetic, sensitive and in-tune practitioner. It is rare these days to find somebody who possess the genuine ability to serve spirit with humility, integrity and deep presence – these are exactly what Amelia brings to all of her sessions. I would encourage anybody who is feeling the call to explore themselves and their relationship to the great mystery to get in touch with Amelia and book in a session! 

Manny, Human Rights Lawyer



What you share about spirituality touches my heart deeply. May you are blessed with good health, Amelia. Success be with you and motivate us always.

Ibnu Riyanto, Founder & CEO Trusmi Group

Cirebon, Indonesia

It’s such a wonderful chance for me to have come and got to know Amelia. Thank you so much for helping me to understand God and Myself more.

Ifan Fauzi, Head of Organization Talent Management Trusmi Group

Cirebon, Indonesia

Thank you Amelia for being so, so patient with all my questions and being there for me. You are an amazing reader. Thank you, this reading is a beautiful New Year gift for me. It’s such a beautiful reading and you have such a beautiful soul. I wish I can learn more from you, to be strong.”

Peter, Culinary Business Owner

Sydney, Australia

After an Intuitive Counseling session with Amelia, I can finally handle my negative thinking, clear up my mind, then find peace within myself. What I like best is when I discuss my feelings with her, she doesn’t make any judgement towards me nor to someone or situation I’m complaining, she stands as a very objective person. She also shows me what the real situation/problem is then she guides me to find the solution. I would totally recommend Amelia because her session really works! For now, this counseling is the best part of my spiritual journey.


Dear Amelia, you are like a crystal light shine upon my darkest side when I am so disappointed with my life. Your words brought me wisdom, your stand made me not to runaway from the truth but to claim my strength. You are truly an angel.

Maylin, Counselor

Sydney, Australia


My QHHT experience with Amelia was truly mezmerizing and awakening. Here I learned more about myself and how I could continue to grow spiritually within. When a person finally figure out their true self and is able to communicate with their Higher Self, you can find all the answers you need in the right place and time. And this is where QHHT comes in. This technique is designed to help and assist you to LEARN (not to guarantee answers) how a person can connect with their Higher Self, because in the end, this is what matters; finding your way back to God (yourself) through process, development and self-growth in life.

Priscilla, Student


After the therapy, I feel so relieved and so peaceful within. The session is just like a dream, there’s no way you can make the stories up and the images seem so real. I can feel my confidence coming back to me and there is this keyword which can help me boost my positive mood. I like the part when I can release all my burden and the images of happiness suddenly come towards me. This therapy is wonderful to help you dig deep holistically.

Diana, Entrepreneur

Jakarta, Indonesia


I have not really received answer to all of my questions, but I learned that only myself that can heal my wound and solve my problems. The session gave me encouragement to believe in myself. It may not be easy to believe the method at the first time. But it will only work when you believe and surrender with the process. I like the post service, where you can always ask and seek advices for things you experience and observe.

Jardin Bahar, Lawyer

Jakarta, Indonesia

The beautiful journey of QHHT, I’ve done 3 sessions.. lucky me! And yes they were all wonderful journeys. What were you? Why are you here now? Why are you facing this problem now? Why are you meeting these people now? How come all these problems are happening to you now? All of those questions are answered on a QHHT journey. It seems so magical and yet so real. It is beyond your wildest imagination yet you understand it deeply that it is true.

Jasmine Jawie, Marketing Communication Manager

Jakarta, Indonesia

Flashbacks of my past life scenes affirm me of my current life purpose, strengthen my faith and become the memory I can refer to whenever I have problems. I am also aware that my used-to-be-shut potentials are now unlocked and have their abilities proven. I feel liberated from my worries and I dare to overcome my fears. Someone like Amelia is so much needed by those who want some help in finding out answers to life and in feeling understood.

Monalisa Idylla, Kindergarten Teacher

Jakarta, Indonesia

Dian Farhani

A thousand thank you to Amel for snapping me out of the vortex of problems that I’ve encountered in life. For not being so judgmental for my views to the world and myself. For sharing thoughtful feedbacks without dictating. For reminding me to accept and love myself. For the unforgettable and worth remembering session! For now and forth, I feel so liberated from those negativity that holds me back from moving forward.

Dian Farhani, Marketing Communication Specialist

Jakarta, Indonesia


Wow, Amelia’s session is incredibly powerful! Her explanation about my current situation is totally correct and the solutions that she offers make total sense. I feel guided and I am amazed with her reading. She is extraordinary. Thank you very much, Amelia!

Teddy Wijaya, Financial Planner

Jakarta, Indonesia

I have healed all the illness I had in me, from headache, pain in my fingers, back pain, my heart and my stomach. Thank you so much Amelia and Quantum Healing to have wonderfully found out the source of problems I am facing at the moment by looking into my past lives and communicating with my Higher Self.

Endra Rianto, Entrepreneur

Jakarta, Indonesia

My past life regression therapy with Amelia has opened up new insight and guide me to encounter the reality of life and the cosmic.

Cecillia Cyntia, Counselor

Jakarta, Indonesia

Thanks to Amelia because she has brought me into this wonderful journey, which connects my past lives and my present life so that now I am able to find the answers to questions I have in life. I can comprehend and understand more of how someone should learn from life. Great job.

Dewi, IT Professional

Jakarta, Indonesia

Is a journey towards myself. Looking through the past in order to understand the meaning of today. It is not about right or wrong. Or even fact or imagination. Faith and trust for oneself. Become an absolute choice in a time where hope, dreams and desires are dependent upon everything but our own selves.

Glenn Marsalim

Jakarta, Indonesia

After Quantum Healing session, I feel a sense of happiness and I can control my bad temper better. No longer do I need to think about the hatred I previously felt to certain people. Now, I also know what my life purpose is, what I have to do, and I have targets in life. Until this very moment, I still feel that this session is so miraculous!

Yunita Sasmita

Jakarta, Indonesia

Quantum Healing is truly beyond my expectation. Everything is truly remarkable. Feels like the Universe is circling all around me. I feel much lighter. This all could happen exceptionally because of your help, Amelia, thank you!


Jakarta, Indonesia

Now I am certain of what to do next. I can understand myself more, understand what I need, what I want, and of course, now I won’t ignore the voice I hear in my heart so that I won’t have to regret the decisions I make. Thanks a lot Amelia, this session is tremendously useful for me.


Jakarta, Indonesia

It was a remarkable experience. I felt such a wonderful change in my life since my first session. My spirit was boosting up while working and my mind was more relaxed while facing problems. Plus, I have a problem in my past which always burdened me, now I have become more relaxed in facing it. Such a surprising change, even I was not aware of the change at first. Right now, I am waiting for another miracles after this second session and really, this is such an amazing and valuable experience for me. Thanks a lot, Amelia.

Henry HYW

Jakarta, Indonesia

Amelia helped me to find out who I really was through past life regression. Even physical healing. It was beyond logic, but it could happen. I had felt pain in my left shoulder for months, it was so painful. But after the session, amazing, the pain has gone completely. Thanks for helping me.

Juan, Accountant

Jakarta, Indonesia

Amelia was so awesome in guiding me. The therapy leaves many impressions in me. I’ve never got bored listening to the recording and I can always take advantage out of it.

Hong Evie

Jakarta, Indonesia

Amelia, your answers quite amaze and inspire me.. Really. I feel your Card Reading Session is tremendously helpful. Your reading about my past is so correct and you explain all the symbols very very well.

Myrna Butar Butar

Jakarta, Indonesia

Amelia is truly remarkable! She gives solutions to all my problems friendly, nicely, wisely and just spot on. Very recommended tarot reader. This is such an impressive tarot reading experience.

Hendra, Telecommunication Consultant

Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you so much, Amelia. You are the angel who has been sent to me to tell me about my lessons in life. You are my messenger.

Dhani, Mother

Bali, Indonesia

Amelia helps to strengthen my heart to make a difficult decision in life. Surprisingly, her cards seem to be “reading” my mind and my desires, assuring me on the path I am going to take.

Farid Mardhiyanto, announcer and local tour guide, Jakartagoodguide

Jakarta, Indonesia

Amelia is such a patient and sincere counselor who has helped me to find my true energy and potential. She reminded me of my dream which I almost forgot. I fall in love with her card reading session!

Ika Martharia, Public Relation Practitioner

Jakarta, Indonesia

Wow, session with Amelia is very helpful for me. Believe it or not, her readings are all correct. They help me open my mind regarding the decision I am going to make. Now, I am sure of which path to take.

Jotan Fawzi, owner of Kedai Sangking

Jakarta, Indonesia

Now I know what problems I had in the past, my current situation and the potential I have in the future. I understand what is going on inside of me and I know what I have to do next. This is not about fortune telling, but it is a learning about myself and my own potential in life.

Adrian, Librarian

Jakarta, Indonesia

I feel that now my mind is wide open, I am enlightened. Thanks a lot Amelia for giving me wisdom and guiding me to listen to my inner voice.

Lilyana Rusli, Payroll Staff

Jakarta, Indonesia

Amelia helps me erase my doubts and make a decision on my career path. For the love reading, wow, it is full or surprises and bright hope. Really excited. Now I’m ready to move on from the old love and open my heart for the new love.

Melliza Suhartono, Marketer

Jakarta, Indonesia

After QHHT therapy, I’m calmer inside. Trying to be the best version of myself and finding my life purpose. This therapy is a good thing for the soul.

Vera Sadikin, Chef

Sydney, Australia

After a QHHT session, I feel more relieved and more open to life. Amelia is very inspiring.”

Sari Imawati, Employee

Jakarta, Indonesia



To write down your own praises about sessions with Amelia, feel free to fill out the blank spaces below. Thank you. Namaste.

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