Having A Bad Premonition: What Should I Do?


Have you ever got a bad premonition that tell you that something bad is about to happen to your family or friend? For example, a bad dream where you see your relatives or your parent lying in the hospital. Or bad dream where you see that your friend’s business going bankrupt and he becomes poor. These things often make us worried and panic; we are really afraid that bad things will happen to them. At certain moment, we begin to question, “What should I do to prevent this bad thing to happen?” or “What can I do to cancel it?”

I understand that it’s hard to neglect the fear and worry when a bad hunch comes. It’s a natural thing. I’ve been there too and I know how it feels. But, isn’t it better to calm down for a moment before telling this bad premonition recklessly?

In the previous article, I said that writing a premonition in a journal is one way to figure out whether it is a sign or just manifestation of our worry. By re-reading this journal, we can re-value whether this bad premonition is a clue that can help us.

If so, we have to consider the following things before telling this bad premonition to whom it may concern:

1. The emerging premonition is not an absolute picture of the future
The future is an image of what we did in the past. Can we change it? At certain conditions, we can. If we can use the present to do good things or make a change, we have the possibility to change our future.

2. Find a right way to tell this bad premonition
Not every person is ready to hear a bad news. Therefore, it’s better for us to find a right way to tell them. For example, when you get a premonition that tells you that your friend’ business is going bankrupt because his partner betrays him, you can suggest him to fix his relationship with his partner. Thus, his relationship will be better. Isn’t this better rather than telling him literally and making his relationship with his partner worse?

I remember that I have a friend who felt worried because she was portended that she will die in the near future. She was portended by somebody that I know too and this this friend is not a professional reader/medium/channeler. But she claimed that she got a clear vision and therefore my friend became so worried it distracted her from her activities.

Imagine how big the impact caused by telling the premonition literally. Those you inform may not be ready to receive them. Instead of changing his destiny, telling the hunch literally will make the situation worst and make him unable to do good things and be present.

It’s wise for us (as a person who gets the gut) to think calmly and consider the condition of those who will hear this premonition as well. Thus, we can find an idea on how to make the situation better and therefore what we see in the intuition will never happen.

However, you need to know that there are some occurence where we cannot avoid bad premonition. No matter what we do, bad things still happen and it makes us feel guilty. It makes us feel that we are not good enough and therefore we fail in helping them.

Remember, every person has their own journey. This premonition may lead to the big moment where change is happening in somebody’s life and therefore we can learn something from it. By knowing this, what you can do next is to accept it. Please realize that you have done your best and things happen because they are meant to happen, in order for us to face them and grow.

Now, what about you? Have you ever got a bad premonition concerning family or close friend? How do you handle this intuition? Feel free to share through the comment section😊

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