Your permission to create is granted




Perhaps not many of you know that I have been writing since I was young. When other kids at school disliked being asked to write stories, I was hoping I could get more papers because there were tons I’d like to spill out from my head.


To me, writing is liberating and healing. Often times, I understood my feeling and myself more through my writing. While I was writing, I found the answers and wisdom from within. I found joy. Ecstasy. Beauty. Freedom. God’s intercession. And that’s the beauty of writing fiction!


Seriously, I don’t need to wait until my book is published and sold at bookstores to call myself a writer. I don’t need any permission and acknowledgement from anyone to be a writer. I write because I love it and I will continue to live with it; I feel that I can be my best self when I’m writing – and I love myself the way I am at that moment.


I never said my writing was any good. I never asked for my writing to be my bread and butter. I just love to write, that’s all. Why then, I suddenly write about writing? Because for the past few days I’ve been reading a brand new book entitled “Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear” from a very admirable person, Elizabeth Gilbert. Anyone wanting to create anything needs to read this book.




I first fell in love with writing through poems and prose. This time, I will present my old work, the one that stirs renewed affection everytime I reread it. This prose was written on December 17, 2005 — when I was 18 y.o.!!


The rose, the cloud, and the sun


when you see the rose full of petals.. don’t you ever dream of being at the core of it? jump right into it and your life will suddenly be complete. deep inside, comfortably shawled. you will lay down like a baby, breathing in all the scents just like candy, and falling asleep deeply as to never be awakened. lulled beautifully by each colour.. each petal becoming a scope: alive, entrenched and jointed. dear rose, inside of you, nothing can ever disrupt us. inside of you, i hear your pulse beating, your wet breath slowly touching my skin.


when you see the cloud marching, the white drifts among the blue.. don’t you ever feel that it’s flowing like a milky river? a breezy cotton candies? dancing beautifully, evaporating the earth’s heat. when you see it, don’t you ever dream of flying up there and stay among it? so that the light and darkness unite inside of you. and when the night comes.. you can caress the moon, joke with the stars. you will lay down and run on top of it without having to fear to fall. dear cloud, on top of you, nothing can ever disrupt us. on top of you, the angels support my feet and laugh merrily with me.


when you see the dusk.. seeing peace and the most beautiful colours in existence, don’t you ever dream of sprinting freely and collide with the sun? the sun that rises and sets. golden red screen and birds returning home, and then the cloud turning dark. colliding so that you’re fused with the mighty burning sun, and just like that, you will turn into ashes and everything disappears. there is no more i, there is no more you, there is no more past, present, or the future. everything’s disappeared, vanished.. and now, you’ve become the sun, too. dear sun, inside of you, nothing can ever disrupt us. inside of you, i and the universe have copulated into one.


If you want to read my other writings, you can read it here.




So, my advice for you today is:

Once again, you don’t need any permission or acknowledgement from anyone to decide who you truly are and what you want to do.


You don’t even need to sacrifice your passion in one area to compensate for your passion in other areas or even sacrifice your job. Doing what you love doesn’t always have to be linked with monetizing that passion into your income source. If you love it, just do it. Go create something.


With me being a Quantum Healing Practitioner & Intuitive Coach, it doesn’t mean I am not allowed or I can no longer write literature. If you’re like me — someone with lots of passion — relax!; I can tell you that they are not our burdens. They are actually the ones who shape me into who I am today. They are those who make me unique. I don’t need any permission or acknowledgement from anyone to be myself. And the same goes to you.


There is only one you in this whole world, your life is utmost important! So, start creating!


If you have any questions regarding hobbies, passion or life purpose, you can ask me through the comment box below.


I hope that you discover the things you love most inlife, and continue doing them without fear or shame. Go on to create. Creativity is your natural Godly trait. Thank you for reading and see you!



Love and light,

Amelia Devina



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