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Dolores 3



One day a client came to me and among his questions about issue with his mom, life purpose and his illness, his other biggest question was this: WHY DOES HE BECOME A GAY?

A true somnabulist, he went smoothly into trance, deep trance. After exploring several different past lives which some were very amusing, we got the chance to converse with his very sweet soft-spoken Higher Self. His questions were all answered and healing took place. He was instantly healed from his illness. And when we addressed the question about his sexual orientation, the Higher Self said: he made a promise with his husband from other lifetime. That time he was the female. They promised to always be with each other FOREVER, no matter what. To meet each other again in other lifetimes.

When the client woke up and I explained everything, undoubtedly, he hadn’t got a clue. All he could say was: Wow, was I romantic! He was happy and relieved, certain about which way to go. And i was happy and humbled by the experience of facilitating the QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session.




She is a middle age woman, an interior designer from LA, USA. She is such a beautiful soul..! An angel for many. Loved by many. And I’m so touched that the Ascended Master, Guan Yin (Dewi Kwan Im/ Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara) herself assisted the session and be there to answer ALL the questions and do the necessary HEALING. We had some powerful messages and her stomach issues as well as inflamation in her finger joints were completely healed. The cataract was said to be gone by 3 months. I can feel the huge energy flowing close to me physically and I’m almost in tears being that intimate with such beautiful powerful presence of compassion. The lady.. the client feels very happy, very grateful and very peaceful after the session. And I know that her life would never be the same again.

That was 7.5 hours of work straight without a break and being able to facilitate the session is already a reward. And the other good news is, this lady is actually incorporating interior design with healing so that we can have more healing spaces and healing atmosphere at home, in our offices, etc. So if you feel that this resonates to you, please let me know and perhaps she can help you with her works.




She was in the middle of confusion of what to do with her marriage when she came to me. Her husband cheated on her, with her own good friends. He treated her without the respect she deserved and well, the love was just not there anymore between them. Other than that, she was jobless at that moment. Financially insecure, she was afraid to make any move.

After being regressed, it happened that the difficult relationship with her current husband had its root in the past life. Before, he was her ex-boyfriend. They broke up eventually, but he hadn’t been able to accept that fact. She was married to another guy and they lived happily, but he got envious. He thought that she married that guy because he had more money. He then worked for them, and therefore had access to the house and their private lives. Full of jealousy and rage, he decided to take her life with a shotgun. He also killed her husband. And until today, his soul still kept that hatred in him, thinking that life is not fair and he should’ve got what he wanted. If he couldn’t do it, let’s make the other parties buried in misery.

Things have started to make sense. Now, she knows that there is a karmic relationship between them. When being asked of whether they should divorce, The Higher Self advised her to wait for another 3 months. When things get worse, she will know what to do. Not so long ago, this client messaged me and let me know that EXACTLY 3 months after that session, she was being called to attend a divorce trial. It turned out that her husband was the one who first filed a divorce case against her. Now, it’s her call; as everyone always has freewill upon making a new decision.

As suggested by the Higher Self, she took up the job she applied to. She is doing really great there, making good enough money and now, she has more confidence and stability in life. Let’s wish the best for my dear client and yes, she is so very thankful for her QHHT experiences. And, as always, I’m happy to help.



Adultery seems to be one of the biggest reasons why someone comes to see me in a session. This lady, a client I saw yesterday, was one of them. The most BEAUTIFUL part was when MOTHER MARY was actually there to assist our session. To comfort her, to guide her and to heal her. There was this sweet soft energy of love which was so graceful and so intimate. I could feel it as soon as she walked into the room and shared her stories.

The client was soooo relieved and felt sooo free after being shown these wonderful pieces of past lives and imageries. She was within the ocean, swam in the middle of the raging tides. And she had no fear! She had no worries! She just had to keep on swimming no matter what… and at that very moment, she knew what FREEDOM was! Life is exactly like that, isn’t it?!

A big load had been taken away from her chest, and now with the strength, she has the ability to strive and create a happy life she deserves. All questions were answered and healing took place with ease. Holy Mother Mary Full of Grace, praise be upon Thee. Amen.



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