Dolores Cannon on QHHT Sessions.
IMPORTANT for those who seek Quantum Healing Hypnosis. 


In order to get the full benefits of a QHHT session, we are encouraged to read and follow the following suggestions. All of these points are compulsory to be prepared before the session.


1. Please prepare a list of questions, including the list of problems (if any) or physical discomforts (if any). There is no minimum or maximum number of questions that are allowed. Just follow your heart and write them down.


2. Because the session takes quite some time, you are recommended to allocate 1 (one) day in which you are free. You are not suggested to do something which require huge concentration or energy after the session.


3. This is a private session. During the session, you are NOT ALLOWED to be accompanied by anyone at all, either your spouse or your closest friend. If you want to share your experience after the session, it is fully your right and decision to do so.


4. 1 (one) day before the session and on the day of the session, please do not consume medications or drugs. You are also NOT ALLOWED to drink alcoholic beverages, soda, and also drinks of foods which contain caffeine.


5. If you are accustomed to meditation, please do so 1 (one) day before the session and before the session to clear up your thoughts and feeling. If you new to meditation, it is okay. You can simply calm yourself and relax your heart and mind.


6. If you have your own audio recorder, feel free to bring it with you. If you do not own one, your session will still be recorded and the record will be sent to you through e-mail (dropbox link).


If you still have questions regarding preparation before the QHHT session, please fill up the Contact page and your questions will soon be answered.

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