QHHT Gift Certificate 2014


Dear lovely bunch of people, the very very blessed people.. ♡♡♡

Holiday is coming and of course, it’s always time to share.. to shower our loved ones with gift of joy and beauty. Why not try a lil’ different GIFT this year?!


QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) is not a regular traditional hypnotherapy method. QHHT involves past life regression and communication with our High Self in order for us to understand the root cause of our challenges in life/ tendencies/ awesome talents and abilities.

Be prepared to:
– embrace positive changes,
– both physical and mental healing (please read about what QHHT can heal),
– have your life-long questions all answered.
Expect the unexpected, have an open mind


You can purchase this GIFT CERTIFICATE for your family and friends, business partners or good old colleagues. It worths IDR 1.5 million (normal price worths IDR 2.5 million), but seriously, it is priceless. This offer lasts till 14 December 2014 and you can use this gift certificate up till 15 February 2015.

For more information about QHHT and Amelia Devina, click:

Order NOW, send your message to:
+6287775887585 (whatsapp/Line only)


PS: The session is available in Indonesian/ English. It lasts approx. 5 hours and privacy is a must.

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