Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) may be a new concept for you. To answer your curiosity, here is a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) compiled from the clients before they go into a session. 


01. Will I be unaware?

Based on research done by the scientists, there are only 3% people in this world who have Somnabulistic characteristic. These are the ones who are fully unaware during the hypnotherapy process. This is quite a small number. The rest are those who remember a little bit here and there, and those who are fully aware of the entire session or most of the session. There is no right or wrong, everyone has their own unique experience.


02. Who actually is The Higher Self?

First, you have to understand that the therapist is here only as a facilitator. Fundamentally, we are cooperating with the sublime energy who are the hands of Gods. They are part of us and they are here within us. The Higher Self is our true self. They will never do anything that will harm you or say anything that will embarass you. You have to believe in their power and loving kindness, and that you will be given answers and healings based on your needs.


03. Will I still be in control of the session?

Yes. Although you are in deep trance, you will still take charge and in control of your session. No one can force you to do anything that you do not want to.


04. Is there any chance of failure?

You may be fully aware, but you do not realize that you are deeper in trance more than you actually think you are. If you are not hypnotized, there are several possibilites: you can be called upon to wake up or you can fall asleep. But this is something which is almost impossible to happen. There can’t be any session which is regarded as failure. You will ABSOLUTELY gain benefits according to what you actually need at the moment.


05. Are there any side effects?

There is no negative side effect from this therapy, unlike chemical drugs and medication. However, there is a chance that the detoxification process will still be on process days after the actual session has finished. This process is different one to another, but you may experience headache, vomiting, allergy, or frequent urinating. But those who are undergoing this detox process will usually stay calm. They know that there is this Power who is doing work on them, and in time, things will get better.


06. Is that right that all kinds of illness can be cured?

Based on the experiences of thousands and thousands of patients all around the world, QHHT has enabled them to receive healing, including chronic illness such as all kinds of cancer, diabetes, AIDS, etc. However, you must REMEMBER that healing will only take place if you are READY to accept it. There are also other conditions in which you may not receive the healing as you want:

1. Your illness is the effect of karma which you should be responsible of and bear.
2. The illness is there for you as a reminder in order for you to make changes into your life.
3. The illness is part of your plan on Earth. There is a fine purpose of you taking up the illness in this lifetime.
4. You are the one who do not want to be healed. Read more of the explanations on the QHHT page.


07. Does that mean we do not need doctors and medications any longer?

We need to stress that QHHT does not utterly REPLACE the position and role of doctors, medications, and medical equipments. Doctors and all the medical tools have their own roles and responsibilities. And so, it is not suggested for any of us to undergrade the the profession of doctors, medications, or medical equipments. However, The Subconscious always state that humans actually have the capability to heal themselves and that illness basically are messages from the body to us.


08. Will I be disadvantaged or manipulated?

All QHHT Practitioners who are certified are REQUIRED to practice upon the code of ethics. We only work based on goodwill, without the intention to harm anyone for any reason, completely and without exception. You do not have to worry because your secret is safe at hands, we are not allowed to publish your stories with your real name/ full name for any commercial purpose.


09. Does this have any relation with a particular religion?

No. QHHT does not have any relation whatsoever with any religion. QHHT is universal, it does not need to take into account what your religion is or whether you have any religion at all. You are expected to be OPEN MINDED and to TRUST yourself, your therapist, your Higher Self, and also to this QHHT method and process.


10. Why can’t I be accompanied during the session?

You are welcomed to have someone who drive you or fetch you, be it parents/ spouse/ best friend. However, this is your PERSONAL session. For you and yourself only. With no one around, you are expected to share your stories freely and openly. If your parents/ spouse/ best friend insist to be there during the session, they can only wait in the living room. But 5 hours is quite a long time! It might be more convenient for them to spend time somewhere else and fetch you later.


11. How about clients outside of Jakarta?

I am currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia. If it is possible for you to travel, let’s come and we’ll be in this QHHT journey together in Jakarta.

However, if it is not possible for you to travel afar, I am more than happy to meet you in whichever city you are living in Indonesia/ outside Indonesia. But, all the transportation costs (back and forth) and the accomodation will be fully of your responsibility.


12. Will I need more than one session?

Basically, you only need to have 1 (one) session. The format of this therapy enable you to gain maximum benefits directly in 1 (one) session. However, there are some circumstances in which you may need a subsequent session. For exampled: unanswered questions, other topics to be explored, further healing, etc.

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