Intuitive Counseling

Do you want more CLARITY, PEACE and HAPPINESS in your life?

You’ve come to the right place!




Learn to see life’s magic,

discover who you truly are,

understand the cause of your problems

and HEAL yourself from the inside

to create the life that you want

to be the best person that you can be

for yourself and for others around you









Do you feel you are meant for something big in life and yet have no idea on what to do?
Are you feeling stuck in your romantic life and have been trying so hard to release the memories of your past relationships?
Are you holding any anger towards family, friends or others and still cannot forgive and let go?
Do you trust that you can start afresh and detach from what no longer serves you?
Do you believe that you are loved and you are worth it?


If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are not alone. You don’t have to go through these just by yourself and it doesn’t have to be this hard. As someone who is very passionate about life and humans, I can tell you that to HEAL from all these problems are very much possible! Life can be very magical, full of love and glitters in the air once you know WHY and HOW.


Here’s what you’ll get:

   One (or more) hour counseling where you can share your stories with me, even your darkest secrets, and me listening to you. With no judgement, with lots of love.

   How to see your situation with utmost clarity and objectivity

   How to shift your perspective and look at things spiritually

  How to accept, forgive and let go of your burdens

   How to fully recover from your problem once and for all


Choices of modalities that I’m using:

   Compassionate listening and coaching

  Tarot and Oracle card reading

  Guided meditation

  Chakra Wisdom Healing

  Realm reading

 Extraction Healing

  Animal Power (Spirit Animal) Retrieval

  Communication with Spirit Teacher/ Angel

  Past Life Reading

  Crystal/ Rock Divination

  Dream interpretation

A thousand thank you to Amel for snapping me out of the vortex of problems that I’ve encountered in life. For not being so judgmental for my views to the world and myself. For sharing thoughtful feedbacks without dictating. For reminding me to accept and love myself. For the unforgettable and worth remembering session! For now and forth, I feel so liberated from those negativity that holds me back from moving forward.

Dian, Indonesia

Here’s what you can expect from the session:

   Me listening to you compassionately, giving you understanding, guidance and action steps needed for you to heal and thrive

   Me combining and infusing skills and methods I have learned and I am intuitively receive

   You receiving hands-on healing, clearing, meditation or other tools when needed

  You putting EVERYTHING I have told you into actions, without delay and hesitation

  You going to follow-up sessions when it is most appropriate for you to be fully healed



Dear Amelia, you are like a crystal light shine upon my darkest side when I am so disappointed with my life. Your words brought me wisdom, your stand made me not to runaway from the truth but to claim my strength. You are truly an angel. I treasure your friendship and shall highly recommend you to others for your guidance in whatever way they need your support with. With much love & much thanks.

Maylin, Australia


Magical Power Hour – Intuitive Counseling session is perfect for:

   Those who know that they deserve a better life, know that they can do better, but are still feeling stuck and needing help to get going

   Those who have open heart and open mind to receive unlimited blessing

   Those who are ready to make necessary changes in life, but need guidance and companionship to do so

   Those who are ready to have their life transformed to become the best person that they can be

Those who believe in themselves and their unlimited potentials + capabilities

   Those who believe in the power of the Universe, the Divines and the beauty of the spirit world


Still not sure?

Relax. You can contact us to make sure whether we have a chemistry and are connected!
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USD 25 for 30 minutes/ IDR 250,000 (in Indonesia)
USD 50 for 60 minutes/ IDR 500,000 (in Indonesia)

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The online consultation session is available via Skype/ other audio messenger services. The location of the in person consultation is at my hub/ office.

After your order and payment are received, you are automatically eligible for the Intuitive Counseling session. A confirmation e-mail with the details on the appointment will be sent to you.




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