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Let me help you.


Do you know where you’re going to? Are you happy where you are now?

Are you confused of making decisions? Do you know what’s best for you?

Does he love your or does he love you not? What does he expect from the relationship?

Do you know why you’re here on Earth for? Do you wish for a better career in life?


Do these questions bothering you these days? Do you wish to take a magic pill to know all the answers to these?





Card reading is a great exciting tool to connect with your inner self, to listen to your heart, and to clearly open to the signs of the universe.

You may have been calling, “Oh God, please give me a sign.

Perhaps, your sign is just right here! Waiting for you to deeply see and carefully listen.

Allow yourself a time and space to have a break for a little while and listen…

Call upon God and your spiritual guide team, and with the magic law of attraction;

Card Reading enables you to grasp a lot of information most probably already known to you (you just need someone else to restate these for you)

and at other times, enables you to look deeper beyond yourself.

With the help of universal love and the guide of ancient wisdom,

my Card Reading sessions are ready for your assistance.

I invite you to come and have a (virtual) cup of tea!


Here’s your benefits:


   To help you pay attention and listen to your inner self and inner wisdom

   To find the answers regarding: Life purpose, career/ business issues, romantic relationships, difficult relationships, decision making, etc.

   To find out the underlying past issues that need to be worked on and released

   To seek guidance for future endeavors

   To reassure that you are always guarded, guided and guaranteed in each and every second of your life


Amelia and her cards helped to strengthen my heart to make a decision which have been haunting my mind for quite a while. Surprisingly, her cards seemed to be able to “read” my mind and my desires; giving me faith on the decision that now I am able to make. — Farid Mardhiyanto, announcer and local tour guide, Jakartagoodguide

Here’s what you can expect from the session:

   Me listening to your stories and questions with no judgement, with lots of love

   Me explaining to you the “rule of the game” of card reading so that you’ll have the utmost enjoyable experience during and even after the session

   Me combining and infusing skills and methods I have learned and I am intuitively receive

   You receiving clear answers and messages

   You receiving not only a reading, but also guidance for you to fully take control of your situation now, when needed

My question to Amelia is about my works because I am experiencing challenge in that area at the moment. And, wow, the reading is incredibly powerful! Her explanation about my current situation is totally correct and the solutions that she offers make total sense. Even, when I look at the images on the cards, I can see a hint that makes so much sense to me. I feel guided and I am amazed with the reading. “How can Amelia do it?”, I ask myself. From that experience, I strongly believe that she is extraordinary. I feel grateful and proud to have her as a friend. Thank you very much, Amelia! I’m sure you can help many people with your talent. — Teddy Wijaya, Indonesia

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USD 25 for 30 minutes/ IDR 250,000 (in Indonesia)
USD 50 for 60 minutes/ IDR 500,000 (in Indonesia)

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The online consultation session is available via Skype/ other audio messenger services. The location of the in person consultation is at my hub/ office.

After your order and payment are received, you are automatically eligible for the card reading session. A confirmation e-mail with the details on the appointment will be sent to you.



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