Why it’s so important for you to go out there and PLAY!




These days there are more and more people coming to me and telling me that they feel EMPTY and PLAIN. I hope you’re not one of them! 🙂

Often times our lives are so filled up with daily routines: waking up in the morning, going to work, working in the office, going back home, watching TV, meeting husband/ wife and the children for a little while (if we’ve got time) and sleeping. We keep on doing the same thing the next day and the day afterwards. All over again.

And one day we get to the point where we ask ourselves: What on earth am I looking for? Why does my life feel so boring? What should I do to give more colors and meaning into my life? We live lives like robots. We know that there must be more to life, but what are they? Where can we find them? What should we be doing?

To people such as these, my top and foremost answer would be to ask them to PLAY! Yes, you really should go out there and play.


I am quite fortunate because for me, life is a giant limitless playground. Every new thing, new places, new people and even new kind of food makes me happy and excites me. But, not everyone’s like me. And although I rarely feel bored, once in a while, I too, know what it’s like to be trapped in routines. But for me, this is a good signal. This is a sign that there is something I need to do to keep my life stay in balance.


But, before I proceed on why PLAYING IS IMPORTANT, there are few basic conditions I need to explain.

First, playing is not the same thing as getting involved in drugs, sex and alcohol parties, or wasting your money. You can do simple playful activities based on your preference and talents. Gardening, sports, watching movies, massage and spa, wandering in the outback, playing with the kids from the orphanage and playing with your pets are examples.

Second, you can either play in groups or you can do it alone. It doesn’t matter.

Third, playing does not mean you need to spend a lot of money. You can play even without having to spend any cents.


Now, let me get in details of why we need and we must spend time to play.


1. Playing keeps your body healthy.

roller blade

There are a lot of activities you can do outdoor. Choosing to play under the sun is perfect for your skin, bones and the overall health of your body. Especially those of you who spend a lot of time sitting while working, activities which require you to use your body will automatically makes you exercise. It boosts your adrenaline, makes you sweat and that’s way to go to keep your body healthy. Playing with your closest families or friends or doing something funny will also make you laugh. And as you know, laughter is the best medicine. The wise men say, a happy heart is the key to a healthy body.


2. Playing keeps us feel relaxed and refreshed.

sit on grass

Pressure from work loads and households give tension to your body and your mind. Doing what you love out in the nature or even just sitting and enjoying the greatness of the Universe can automatically makes you feel more relaxed and calm. Breathing fresh air, walking bare foot on the ground, living in the moment help us to understand what the art of staying still truly means. Spend time to also feel the tender touch of your loved ones or a stress relieving massage from a good therapist. You will certainly feel more comfortable and more in peace afterwards.


3. Playing enhances your creativity.


Playing invites you to look at what you love to do (even as a child), create and innovate. Certain games or playful activities can also sharpen your sensitivity, comprehension, creativity and will power. So that’s why it’s no secret that brilliant fresh ideas come when your mind and your heart are in sync and in peace. And it’s not a surprise how you can suddenly think of a strategy you can employ in your company while playing with your children, for example. Get back to your teenage hobbies and feel the sensation flaring inside you.


4. Playing brings back your inner child.

on your back

What are the nature of children? They are always curious, honest, full of vitality, they get up every time they fall, they do not hold anger and grudge, and they are sincere. There are so many things we can learn even just by observing children, and even more so, by playing with them. As a matter of fact, there is this inner child in each and everyone of us. However, later our society and people around us tell us what we “must” do, what we “may” or “may not” do. We live life with this set of rules, which we don’t even know why we need to follow, and in some cases, may not be the absolute right thing to do. Playing makes you re-nurture your inner child so that the noble characters of children can grow lush within you. Please be aware, I’m talking about the noble characters of children here, not their childish nature.


5. Playing makes us realize that we deserve to be happy.

happy jump

Often times we consider playing as an insignificant activity, unimportant, a waste of time, a waste of money or even childish. We may think that as an adult we can only do things “like adults do”. In my opinion, adults, too, DESERVE to have leisure time, deserve to have some time alone, deserve to laugh their heart out, jump around, showering in the mud, or even rolling on the ground if that’s what they want. We are worthy and we deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labor, we are worthy and deserve to spend some time alone even if we are now raising our own family. And most importantly, we are worthy and we deserve to be happy. Because we are precious, so really, we are worthy and deserve to savor the sweetness and greatness of life.


When is the last time you spend your time to play? What is your most favorite playful activity to balance out your life? Share with us here. Who knows, we might get a chance to gather and play together one day.

For me, going to Bandung with my parents last Sunday was fun. Afterwards, I got a chance to see and joke around with my 87 year old grandma and we both laughed so hard over the funny jokes I said. And on Monday, my best friend and I purchased BON JOVI concert tickets. They will perform live in Jakarta on September 11. Even though the concert is still a long way to go, creating little joys like this are precious and they create more meaning to life!


bonjovi ticket


What about you? Can you find your joys in life? Or perhaps you find that life is too heavy of a burden? Or are there issues that you have to deal with and that give uneasiness to your smile?


Whenever you need help, I’d happily guide you and assist you to find back the true meaning of your life!
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Thank you so much for reading this article. Each and every week, I am so grateful for your presence. Wish you fun playful days and I’ll see you on the discussion page to read your stories about what your most favorite playful activities to balance your life are. See you!


Love and light,



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