Who says we have to be perfect?



Let’s call her Lola. Born in a respected family in her small town, since she was little Lola has been carrying the expectation to be perfect. It’s as if she must always be kind, polite, becomes the top achiever among her friends, and the most important is, not to be a shame for the family. When I meet her in her 30s, Lola admits that she’s just beginning to learn to embrace her authentic self lately. A young woman who likes to jump around and be in the nature.


The March 8-10 travel-workshop to Belitong repeated the same story like the earlier one. The wealthy entrepreneurs, top professionals, well-renowned trainers and leading coaches who “have to” be nice, polite, to look elegant, important, professional, bona fide, successful and perfect feel sooo freeeee and soooo happyyyy when they could act just like children during our trip. They admitted “We can’t be like this in Jakarta. It’s great that we can play like kids.”


Then the question is: who is the one telling us that we have to perform and look perfect all the time? Is it our thoughts or is it the popular concept of the demanding society? Is it the ads? Or is it because we want to beat our competitors who have better achievement?


Oftentimes, we are the ones who place the burden on our shoulders. The expectation to always be and look nice. Just to remind you, these wealthy businessmen, these executive from big companies, these popular coaches and trainers are humans — we all make mistakes, sometimes we’re good, sometimes we’re bad, sometimes we can be really really good. Life has its ups and downs, right?! Nothing is eternal. The only thing we can do is to freely and joyfully ride along the tides.


Isn’t it tiring to always have to perfect all the time? Have you watched Kungfu Panda 3? Remember the moment when Po finally finds his true self in him. He finally realizes that he doesn’t have to be as skillful as Tigress, as serene as Master Shifu or as wise as Master Oogway. He just needs to be his own self. Just the way he is. To utilize his strong points to become the best version of himself. To revive his true self. Merrily, freely and effortlessly. And that’s the way it should be.




These days when everyone competes to become more successful and more perfect than the others, the initiative to return back to the lightness, innocence and simplicity of the children is an increasingly rare quality. But at the same time, also much needed and much sought. That’s why it is my honour and pleasure to help you connect and embrace your inner child.


Today I, myself, decide… to take off all the shields, harness, robe, mask, sword, bow and arrows… to take off all the manipulative thoughts, words and actions… and I just want to be myself. I — who sometimes can act ugly and grumpy, sometimes can be beautiful and sweet, quiet and yet chatty, smart and yet stupid, brave and yet shy at the same time.


I accept, love and respect myself the way I am.


I love you too, just the way you are. I hope this article can inspire you to let go of all the burdens and expectation just like what I have done. Be light, be cheerful, innocent and free. Because that’s how we can fly and soar easily. Feel free to share this article and I’ll see you soon.


Love and light,
Amelia Devina


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ameliadevina1Amelia is a Quantum Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Coach. Her goal is to help you find out who you truly are and why you are here, and therefore, support you to live yourself as the true you – the best version of yourself. She does that by giving you tools that you can immediately apply to improve your life, your relationship, your career, your health and many more than you can possibly dreamed of by incorporating methods such as past life regression, hypnotherapy, chakra wisdom healing, clearing, card reading, life coaching and meditation. Now, she serves through one-on-one therapies and coaching, and also offline and online classes, workshops and retreats. She regularly shares her passion through the newsletters that you can subscribe for free at ameliadevina.com. You can contact Amelia at hello@ameliadevina.com or her Facebook page and her instagram/ twitter @ameliadevina777.

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