Who is The Higher Self?




Since young I always feel that I am bigger than myself, invaluable. I feel that I am truly capable, beyond amazing, and that the world is within my embrace. There was a point when I wondered whether this was my arrogance; who am I to think like that? I am nothing but a teeny tiny particle of dust in this Universe. How dare I think that I am great and amazing?


As I grew up though, I realized this magical feeling: I know that I am nothing but this tiny particle, but at the same time, I also know that I am a hell of a gigantic extraordinary ball. I then understood that all this time my Higher Self have been calling me over and over again to remind me of who I am deep down. Today, that is exactly what I am going to do to you!


On the previous article about Past Life and Past Life Regression, I discussed about the soul’s journey; that every soul is an energy which can not be destroyed and uses various forms to have human experiences.


The question is, do we truly understand our soul deep down?


I am my body, I am my mind

To understand the concept of soul, we need to realise that even though mind, body and soul are interconnected, but they also stand on their own. When we die, our body will automatically decompose and no longer be a part of who we are. It is separated from us. And so does mind; it comes and goes without our control. If it is truly part of us, surely we would be able to fully control it just like how we can control what we want to do with what’s inside our wallet. But the fact that we can’t even control our mind to fully quiet itself shows that our mind ≠us. Whereas soul, soul is the base energy served as the centre of our life. It is what we call our Higher Self.


The Higher Self

Also known as the Higher Consciousness, Oversoul, or Christ Consciousness, the word Higher Self is meant to explain that there is a “self” that we’re familiar with which helps us to eat, work, and do things automatically; and there’s this other self which is of the higher consciousness, the Higher Self.


Our soul is nothing but an image of God within us

I really like quoting the verse from Quran which says that Allah breathed His Spirit into us. Question: If Allah’s Spirit is within us, then we are = …?


The Bible also uses similar words. It is stated that human was created in an image of God. But if we look at our everyday behaviours, how come it’s so far away from the projection of God’s behaviours? It begs a question, where exactly is the image of God inside us all along?


Buddhist teaching often calls The Higher Self as the True Self or The Buddha Nature. One of my teachers, Dharma Master Cheng Yen, often says: humans forget that within them there is this true self just like the one the Buddha has. Our task is to cleanse our heart and mind so that we can return to our true nature.




Where has the God inside us gone?

God didn’t go anywhere. God is right here, inside our true self. On my previous article I explained how we have this amnesia regarding who we truly are and that we have forgotten how to play this game on Earth as parts of our challenges here. On the other hand, there are two important factors on why our Higher Self seems to be buried by our everyday life. Back to the beginning, the reason lies in our body and mind; two things that complete our experience as a human being.


Our body has senses and these senses connect us to our mind. Through senses we’re exposed to everything outside ourselves. Through senses our mind responds as to what action we need to take next. Mind/ego, often called delusion, is the quality of our self that still needs to be improved in our journey of life, for example: anger, greed, ignorance, etc. Because our body is receiving stimuli from the outside world and our inner self is not yet free from delusion, our Higher Self becomes forgotten.


Returning to our Higher Self

This article is written so that we remember WHO WE REALLY ARE. The ‘us’ that we know until now are much smaller than who we truly are. Our true soul really is an image of God: Loving, Forgiving, Wise. He can do many extraordinary things, heal all setbacks, physically and mentally, instantly. That is our true self… Ones that have existed since the beginning of time until infinity, ones that move through time, space, realms and dimensions. Ones that are in unity with the Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and the other Hollies. Ones that can answer all questions and understand the secret of the Universe.


I feel truly humbled and grateful for being able to witness the greatness of our Higher Self through Quantum Healing sessions that I ran. Through communicating with the client’s Higher Self, I am truly sure that everything that was written in the Books are true.


We have the same quality as God. We are parts of God. God’s spark of light. God is the vine and we are the branches. God is the ocean and we are the water in it.


I hope that this simple sharing can help us understand that there is something pure and divine in every one of us, that ones can simply call The Higher Self. Now it’s time to hear it from you: What is your favourite thing about this article? Do you see yourself differently after reading this?


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Thank you for reading this article. It has become my mission in life to remind everyone of us who they truly are, and you can help me to do so by sharing this article to all your friends. Love yourself because you really are extraordinary! See you soon.



Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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