When God is inside of you




Last Monday, I chanced upon an incredible opportunity to share to the very enthusiastic top managers at Batik Trusmi, Trusmi Group, Cirebon, West Java.


I feel honoured and proud to know Ibnu Riyanto, founder & CEO of Trusmi Group, and his wife, Sally Giovany. First of all because Batik Trusmi is the biggest batik company in Cirebon which soon will step up to play in the global market. Second, because Ibnu and Sally are such inspirational and down to earth figures; they are truly admirable.


Only after I’ve read his book, Muslim Muda Miliarder (A Young Millionaire Muslim), and talked with him in person, I know that Ibnu was a young rebel who once joined bikies gang and sped on the road, skipped school, come and gone to the nightclubs, and used drugs – but then had his life changed when he met his true love at the same time when he found spiritual guidance.




Ibnu and Sally got married when they were very young: 17 years old (!!! I know, right?!). They experienced ups and downs when they started their business from zero, using money they received as wedding gift and got conned out of their money. But now they own a business empire including involvement in the transport and property industries.


The training at Batik Trusmi was done together with Frans Budi Pranata (Indonesia Best CFO 2013 & 2015) who shared about his book Personal Success Cockpit, Lean Six Sigma and KPI Dashboard. There’s also Lilyana Purnamasari (Seifu Master, Life Coach) who shared about Hypnoselling, and Dahnil Huang (Mindset Trainer & Life Architect) who shared about having clear goals, becoming good leaders and having positive state in an instant.




With Spiritual Intelligence as my topic, I shared about who we truly are: explaining about who The Higher Self is, about how everything is energy and that we all essentially are one, and about what can we do after we know about all these.


To put it simply, I explained it with these five points:

1. You know that you have everything, but at the same time, you know that nothing is truly yours.

Because we essentially are one, everything in this world is essentially for everyone. Everything is here and available for all of us. And because we know that everything is for everyone, we then realise that there’s nothing in this world is truly ours.


2. Everything is possible.

The nature of God is infinite and boundless, and because there is God in every one of us, therefore we have the same true nature. Dream, believe, and take the steps to make your dreams come true. When God is inside of you, everything is possible.


3. Everyone has unlimited potential.

Because our true nature is in the image of God, everyone has unlimited capabilities. Therefore, don’t ever look down on other people and on yourself.


4. How to forgive no matter what and to love unconditionally.

Now that we know that we all are one, when we hurt other people, we basically are hurting ourselves. When we love and give to others, we are loving and giving to ourselves. And after knowing all this, how could we hate those who we think are hurting us when they are part of us?


5. Using mindfulness practice for true success in life.

Talking about love and Oneness makes us feel the need to understand the basics of mindfulness to apply it in our everyday life: to live in the here and now. When we live mindfully, we are surrounded with happiness and peacefulness that make us live with more clarity, low level of stress, high productivity and creativity, high level of immunity, high level of happiness and peacefulness, and other benefits.




I am very humbled to know how Ibnu feels touched listening to what I shared. He too understands how spirituality is very crucial and fundamental to shape the character of a person. It holds a crucial role in deciding one’s future, and in extension, their company and staff, and also their business partners and customers.


To read what Ibnu and his staff said about my sharing session, view this page.


And now it’s time for me to hear it from you:

Which one of these 5 messages touches your heart the most? Explain how this play an important role in your life.


I am very happy to be able to share with all of you today. May your life is always filled with greatness and awesomeness. Be the reflection of God that is you. See you soon!


Love and light,
Amelia Devina

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