What is Past Life Regression?




Just like many of you, I’m not someone who knew about Past Life (PL) since I was a kid. Born into a family that went to temple only once a year, the first prayers that I knew of were Our Father and Hail Mary (taught by my very own father, haha…). But for some reason, I always felt that a lot of things, like places or feelings, are familiar and normal. And even though later on I accepted and understood the concept of past life rather easily, it never crossed my mind that I would become someone who helps people to see their own past lives; a past life regressionist. I then accepted it as part of my journey to fulfill my life’s purpose.


A lot of people are curious about what Past Life and Past Life Regression (PLR) are. They want to know what kind of past lives they lived. To answer that curiosity, let’s start from the basic so that we can understand what are PL and PLR.


Past Life

Life has existed since the beginning of time; and we know that our life consists of our body and soul. When we die, our body rot, decompose and disappear. But our soul, which is an energy, can not disappear. If an energy can not be created or destroyed, and can only change forms, then it is fair to say that we all are a collection of small energies, which are originated from this massive central energy, that pick on different shapes to go on an individual journey. Our soul do this journey to learn, experience, and create. (It can be boring to stay in heaven all the times, yes…?)


This journey spreads through various realms and dimensions, including us becoming a cell, micro organism, plant, animal, and being from other planets and dimensions. How could that be possible? Because the Universe is vast and boundless; the size of the Earth and Milky Way is so tiny compared to the entirety of the Universe. When we die, the soul is the one who pass to the next journey, taking in different shape. The more varied the shapes, the richer are the experiences and lessons! For this reason, it’s actually become very weird for people to be racist… because as a human being, there are very big chances that we’ve been everything… a man, and a woman, rich and poor, smart and dumb, pretty and ugly, born into various family backgrounds, from various races and religions all over the world.


We are the lucky and courageous ones for being born here, Earth is considered as the planet with very challenging lessons: as soon as we arrived on Earth, we’re being born and forgotten who we truly are, forgotten where we come from (our origins), and forgotten how to play the game! (Yes, it’s all just a game here…!!) We then experience the cycle of reincarnation (born and reborn) because of the law of causal and effect (karma) and our choices or free will; we decide which lesson we want to learn from this life. When we finish one lesson, we can then proceed to the next lesson/ game. Sounds fun?! The thing is, if we failed to graduate, then we have no choice but to repeat the lesson (and the suffering) over and over again. When we start to feel that it’s not fun anymore and want to end our suffering, we then start to be aware of the wisdom from our life’s experience. When we attain that wisdom and can let go of our problems sincerely with a smile, at that moment we graduate from that lesson, and next… we can continue to play in the next class!





PLR is a backward journey or turning back journey that can be applied to those experiencing frustration; done to help them find the root of their problems and experience healing.


So, is it important to experience PLR? Well… in my opinion, we don’t have to see our past lives! But if we’re given the chance, we can learn from the history. To see at which point we “messed up” in life, change our way of thinking and behaviour in the present so that we can be a better person in the future. In short, so that we can be free from the illusion of suffering and free to step forward to the next class with its new lesson!


PLR can be done through various methods, from the insights you receive during meditation, intuitive message, visual images, or you can do a hypnosis session (just like the one that I facilitate). With me, I don’t just do PLR. Coz’ after we’ve seen our past lives, so what? When I guide you through hypnosis, It doesn’t mean that you will definitely see your past life. Your higher self is the one who will guide you to the perfect time and place for you to see what you need to see; images or events that are relevant to your challenge at this moment. Therefore, it’s possible for you to see an event in the present, the future, or even other things. Afterwards, I will then connect you to your True Self so that you can get a better understanding on why you see the things you see. Plus, you can ask anything you want to ask and receive healing, physically and mentally, if deemed appropriate. In short this therapy is called QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.


Past Life Regression experience

Many people come to me to do PLR for various reasons, from curiosity to chronic illness. But for me, PLR and QHHT sessions aren’t just a medium to see past life. As I mentioned before: once you’ve seen it so what? For me, the extraordinary thing is that PLR and QHHT sessions allow you to understand yourself better, to understand how the Universe and nature works, to understand that your true self really is the image of God and your soul truly works miraculously just as God do.


That’s why QHHT session becomes important for everyone; to raise your consciousness so that you can touch your true self and remember who you truly are. Physical and mental healing will then follow. This is why PLR and QHHT sessions seem mystical. It’s not a mystic, it’s pure magical!


After you finished reading this, it’s time for you to share with me your answers to these questions:

  1. Are you interested in trying PLR?
  2. Now that you know that PLR is helpful, is there anything stopping you from having a PLR session?
  3. Tell me how your ideal PLR session would be?


If you’re interested to know more about what others are saying about their PLR sessions, you can click this page.


Thank you so much for reading. I hope this was not only an enjoyable read, but also helping to open your mind about how life and the Universe works. Feel free to share this to all your friends so that they too can receive the benefits. Wherever you are and whatever is your condition, I wish you many many blessings. Remember, you know what’s best for you! See you soon!


Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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