What is it like to go into a past life?




The first time I knew about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) method, there were two words that I felt: powerful and curious. I felt that this healing method is so powerful and I was curious about how a session would feel.


QHHT is a self-healing method which uses Past Life Regression (PLR) to find the root cause of your problem and then communicate with your Higher Self (true nature) to perform healing, mentally and physically.


When I say PLR, it doesn’t always mean that we will go back to our past life. It is possible that we can also see the visions of our present life, the future, or any other symbolic messages. To be exact, we will see what we need to see, according to our current life’s challenges and needs.


The same like you, the first time I was going to try a QHHT session, I wondered how is it like to go into a past life. On this video below Dolores Cannon, one of the world’s best past life regressionists and hypnotherapists, explains to us what is actually happening during a Past Life Regression session and what kind of sensation we will feel.



Just like what Dolores said, after I experienced it myself, PLR and QHHT session are actually very easy, simple, and far from scary; in fact, it’s fun and enjoyable. I also received a lot of messages that made me felt supported and loved. (Including the visions of myself living on different continent and different planet, and support to continue being a healing practitioner).


If you ever did a PLR session, you can share your experience with me. If you have any questions regarding PLR session, you can surely ask me here.


Remember, at whichever point your life is at the moment, everything is perfect as it is. I hope you are happy at whichever point you may be. See you soon and thank you.



Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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