What do you love so much that you would still do the work even if you fail?




I am not born as someone who loves to be among people and talk to them. I’ve never drawn into being popular, to put myself out there and have people to look at me and listen to me. I’ve never been that kind of person.


Seriously, I’d rather sit on my couch all day, reading a good book, watching and celebrating movies, drink my tea and my ice chocolate, work behind the scene, unknown and unseen, escape from the public and just be quiet. I’d love all that, but I love you more!


I love you because I love the joy of expressing myself in front of you. Delivering the messages through words in all media to you – in return, I smile and you smile. We all smile. And that helps create the world a merrier place. That’s my joy.


All my statements relate to this video, where Elizabeth Gilbert and Marie Forleo – two of my most favourite women on Earth – talk about living a creative life and pursuing dreams.



And there’s one powerful question that strikes me on that video that I’d love to put it out here:


What do I love so much that I don’t mind eating the sh*t sandwich that comes along with it?


When I look at the piles of sh*t sandwich I’ve eaten and the piles of sh*t sandwich lining up in front of me, I can say that yes, today I still want to write and talk and deliver my messages, my expression of self and love and pain, and the beauty of it all, to the world. That, again, is my joy.


So, what about you?


What do you love so much that you don’t mind eating the sh*t sandwich that comes along with it?


Or even worse:




You might say that you want to be this and that, or do this and that. But play a little logic and ask yourself this question. And until the answer is yes, well I guess, don’t settle.


Thank you so much for reading. And I would really really love to hear from you. What’s your take in this? What’s your answer?


Share this to all your friends, because really, I think all people living on Earth should at least ask themselves this question. And of course, I pray so that you find great joy in everything you do. Because as Paul Tillich said, all love eventually becomes help. When you do anything with love, you too, have helped the world to become a merrier place.



Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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