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What Card Reading means to me (and #1 Quiz prize goes to…)


Happy to announce that I’ve got winners for my #1 quiz

Okay, remember this photo below? In my last post, I shared a great deal to you on how to spend the most of out of the new moon. Besides meditating and setting clear intentions, I, myself went for a coastal walk. And as you can see from the picture, the view was so breathtaking!

And here’s the question of the #1 QUIZ: Where was this picture taken?



The picture was taken at Bondi – Bronte Coastal Walk at Sydney, Australia. Soon after the quiz went viral, I got two correct answer from two awesome guys. Congratulations to Teddy Wijaya from Jakarta, Indonesia and Sam Toru from Sydney, Australia who got it right. Both were rewarded with FREE Mini Card Reading Session with me!! They had the chance to set alignments with their life purpose and career, and I was very happy to help.

Make sure to stay tune on my updates because you sure don’t want to miss my #2 QUIZ that is coming right up.

For me, Card Reading is a great exciting tool to connect with your inner self, to listen to your heart, to be open to the signs of the Universe and therefore to receive Divine messages and guidance. At times, you may have been calling, “Oh God, please give me a sign.” Perhaps, your sign is just right here! Waiting for you to deeply see and carefully listen. BUT…, in life we get so distracted by noises that people create around us and those we create in our head. We need clarity. And that is exactly when my role comes to play. To help you see and listen clearly!

Click here to see how I can help you MORE. It is my greatest desire to be able to see you bloom.

And, as always, you will want to discuss more on this topic. Here are some questions you can ask yourself and do share your comments with me on the blog post.
1. What are your biggest frustrations in life that you want to get the answers/ solutions real soon?
2. Where do you go/ what do you do to find solution to these challenges?
3. What do you usually do to connect more with your inner self/ to listen more clearly to your heart?

Post your comments because you’ll never know, it may be your answers that can help inspire other readers! And share this post to your friends, I know they will really really appreciate it. Let’s get everyone in tune with their higher purpose!!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing this. I will see you soon. Until then, go make the change you wish you to see in the world, starting from you!

Love and light,


A praise from Teddy Wijaya, a Financial Planner

“My question to Amelia is about my works because I am experiencing challenge in that area at the moment. And, wow, it’s incredibly powerful! Her explanation about my current situation is totally correct and the solutions that she offers make total sense. Even, when I look at the images on the cards, I can see a hint that makes so much sense to me. I feel guided and I am amazed with the reading. “How can Amelia do it?”, I ask myself. From that experience, I strongly believe that she is extraordinary. I feel grateful and proud to have her as a friend. Thank you very much, Amelia! I’m sure you can help many people with your talent.”



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