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What are Tarot Cards?




One of my first encounters with the worlds of divination and psychic reading started when I was introduced and then learned about Tarot cards. For me, Tarot plays a significant role in polishing my intuitive ability and my connection with spirituality.


For the next following weeks, I am going to explain to you the facts and myths about Tarot, what can we use Tarot cards for and what the results can we expect from a Tarot card reading.


Today I am going to start with this short video which explains the history about Tarot cards and what are the actual components of a Tarot deck.



If you’d like to ask me anything about Tarot cards, you can write down your questions in the comment section below.


And, if you’d like to experience a Tarot Reading session with me, you can click here. >> Also read the comments of other beautiful people who share about their Tarot Reading session with me.


Thank you for reading and sharing. I hope you enjoy the video and get yourself a new knowledge from watching it. Have a blessed day, dear one! See you soon.



Love and light,

Amelia Devina

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