Time to identify and deal with angels dressed as demons




My previous article entitled “If there’s an angel on earth, she must be a Mother” has received several different responses. Though the majority agree with the title of the article, there are some who response quite the contrary. Not all mothers are angels. The one who is supposed to be closest to us can sometimes suppress and harm us instead. Why does it happen and how do we handle it?

Hans, a 20+ year old young man told me this: “Almost everyone admire and feel proud of their Mums, I do too. But honestly… she is the one I’m most fearful of. I’m afraid of her words which often leave my heart in pain, afraid of her words which often weaken my spirit. That’s why I choose to stay away from her (because I’m afraid I will break her heart by accidentally shout back at her or hurt her feeling).


Of course, this is not uncommon. This phenomenon happen not only with mothers, but also with other family members, friends, superiors or subordinates, colleagues, or even people we just met or people we don’t even  know exist. Basically, this is life and that’s how people are. We tend to categorize them into two: angels or demons. Those who have the angelic characters or those who have the demonic characters.

Through this writing, I’d like us to think again for a little while and try to understand. That actually, there is no demon. There are only angels, or angels dressed as demons.




Why do I call them angels dressed as demons? How do we identify them and deal with them?


1. Understand that we all are angels.

This is an important base of our thinking. That everyone is born pure and within each and everyone of us, there is this pure, true nature. Those who read the holy books must be familiar with verses which say that humans are created based on the image of God and that God breathe His spirit into us. There is this divine, godly spirit within us; so how could we accuse and label other people (or even ourselves) as demons? If demons are real, they must’ve been neither you and I.


2. Without encountering the demons, we won’t learn the qualities of the angels.

People who are sarcastic, selfish and betraying to us teach us how to be humble, patient and be careful whenever we act or we speak. Help us understand what forgiveness is, how strong we could survive, what impermanence really is, how important it is to let go and eventually, what is the true meaning of love that liberates you. Without the existence of angels who are dressed as demons, our lives would be quiet and secure — we won’t learn and we won’t grow. Of course, this is the opposite of why we’re actually here on earth: all people and experiences are mediums for us to grow and to learn.


3. Thanks to the angels who sacrifice on being the demons.

This is the most beautiful and touching part. There have to be some angels who are compliant of volunteering themselves to take the roles as the demons so that we can have the conducive condition as we learn. Without someone who slander us and deceive our money, how could we know what it is to forgive and to let go? Without someone who betray the commitment of a relationship, how could we know what impermanence and love really is? Instead of swearing not to forgive this kind of people forever, we even have to say lots and lots of thank yous because they have been willing to take the blame so that we can take the credit of being right, they take the part of being demon so that we can be fruitful in our part of resembling God.


4. Angels dressed as demons are the great teachers of life.

There are some who call Mohammad Prophet, Jesus, Buddha or Shiva as teachers. There are also others who call high-level practitioners of a certain religion or teaching as a teacher. But this sort of teachers only teach us the theories of being kind; they love us and they protect us. The true test arises as we encounter the angels dressed as the demons. They are the ones who finally lead us to put the theories we’ve previously learned from our religious or spiritual teachers through actions. They are the ones who finally force us to learn, to grow and to raise above our levels. Their role is not less important than the teachers we admire and we worship. That’s why I always consider these angels dressed as demons as the great teachers of life.


5. There are neither angels or demons.

The most liberating moment is when we eventually feel that there is neither angels or demons; they are all the same. It is our mind and our perception which put all the difference. Besides the influence of karma, before humans are born into the earth, we choose who our closest people and important milestones are. This round I take the role as an angel, the next one, I might become your demon. It’s all illusion, and in the end, experience. It comes down to how we play this role to again remember and become our true self, our true nature: pure as God.


If we can embody these five philosophies pretty well, I am sure we’ll become people who won’t be easily hurt, be tolerant, and far… far… freer and happier!

What about you? How do you perceive the words “angels dressed as demons”? And what is your favourite method to deal with them? Share your most interesting experience (or perhaps the most painful one) and how you can finally have it overcome. I am sure we can learn from one another.


And guys, there are many people out there who are still trapped with this  angel and demon status they stamp to others. Share this with all your friends and perhaps this could add a new understanding which can be enlightening for them. I really hope, after you read this, you will broaden your mind, able to forgive whoever you need to forgive (including yourself) and you can better enjoy your days because now you have unloaded your burden. Leave it right here, right now. You are free!

Thank you so much again and again for reading today’s Witnessday. I’ll see you and read your stories in the discussion page. Best wishes!




Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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