Tightening The Relation with Mother Earth


If you have read my previous articles about how your mind affects mother earth’s condition and how collective karma relates to mother earth, you will understand how important it is to intertwine and tighten your relation with Mother Earth.

Communicating to mother earth is one way to re-tighten your relationship with Mother Earth. In addition, by communicating, we can receive many important messages that Mother Earth wants to convey to us via surrounding nature (and even as a miracle that you have never felt before!).
The key to communicate is to sit quietly and observe nature around you. How do we do that? Following are tips that you can practice in your daily life 😊

1. Make Time for Nature
Like having a date, we need to make time for nature as well to get closer with nature. All we need to do is to tarry. When we meet people, we tend to have conversation with them. However, to be able to connect to Mother Earth, we should try to tarry for a moment at opened environment. You can try it during your daily activity. Try to get out of your office for a moment and be quiet for a sec in opened area (it will be better if you do this at opened garden). Thus, you will feel calmer and connected to Mother Earth.

2. Relax and observe around you
As we have many activities, we tend to spend our time to observe people and therefore we get stressed. To connect to Mother Earth, you need to make your mind relaxed first. You can start by spending your time to relax in opened area and observe around you. Observe the change on big and small detail, let yourself enjoy it.
Then, ask yourself, “What draws my attention?”. Is it flower? Cloud? Trees? Rest your eyes there and focus on what draws your attention.

3. Communicate!
It may sound a little bit crazy. How can we communicate to trees, rock, grass, etc.? However, when you want to get closer to Mother Earth, try to throw away your knowledge for a short while. Try to communicate by asking, “What does it feel like to be a tree?”. You can ask tree’s opinion on your problem too.
Sometimes, some words will just pop out of your mind and you know that they are not words that you can spit out by yourself. Sometimes, ideas and awareness can pop out too. You can try to write those ideas to make them easier to remember. Sometimes, your attention can also move to a part of that tree where you can draw a metaphor that relates to what you ask.

Many activities that we have sometimes loosen our relationship with Mother Earth. When this relation is loose, we become less sensitive in listening what Mother Earth wants to convey, feeling many important things that will happen in the near future, listening simple message or feeling the love that Mother Earth gives to us. By being connected again, we will feel the unity and become aware of togetherness that we have all the time.

Those are three ways that you can try to get closer with Mother Earth. With those ways, I hope our relationship with Mother Earth will become more harmonic and therefore it can give positive impact to environment around us. For you who have tried to get closer to Mother Earth, please share another way that you think can tighten the relationship between human and Mother Earth in this comment section!

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