There is no such thing as perfection



Have you ever wondered where the idea of perfection come from? Have you ever wondered what exactly the meaning of being perfect is? But is it possible that perfect humans exist? Now don’t get me wrong, people are beautiful as they are – but nowadays, people are trapped in the false beliefs of what perfection is. Other people plant an idea in our heads and we become easily caught up with it – and then bam! THEY created OUR definition of perfection.


People seem to believe that perfection is about dollars, fancy cars, bling bling, diamond, high end products, branded clothes, shiny shoes and porcelain skin. These are all lies! Our reality is quite different! In Asia, cosmetics commercials race to plant an idea that white rosy skin is the new definition of perfection, and make people believe that having skin other than white is not what this society call as beautiful. So, people compete to make their skin look white; they use those products in commercials or go to aestheticians. Who are they doing these for? Are they trying to impress themselves or perhaps others, the strangers? Remember, people are planting these ideas in our heads.


Politicians and big corporation with their commercials are suggesting the idea that we lack something in our lives. To make us feel afraid. To make us feel insecure. So that we will do just anything to bring back the so-called stability, to patch the delusional void we feel in our hearts. So, do we want to be unconsciously steered or do we want to create conscious decision for our own lives?


Do we want to follow what others call as perfection or do we want to ask within and redefine our own concept of perfection?


First of all, there is no such thing as perfection. If you don’t like your body or face and want to get something done, it’s up to you. But how long it will take until you satisfy? Now, I want us to clear all these beliefs about perfection previously formed in our heads. And I want to share some simple ways to re-identify our needs for perfection and how to deal with it.


1. Why do you need to be perfect, anyway?
Have ever realized that you are chasing for perfection because you’re actually afraid? But what are you so afraid of? Are you afraid that you are not up to society’s standards? Are you afraid to be unloved when you don’t dress pretty? Are you afraid to be called loser when you don’t drive your own car? But what about you? Are you content with the way your life is? That’s what matters after all.


2. You do you
You do you, yes it is that simple. Be yourself. If you can’t be yourself, who else do you want to be? Screw people who think that you are not enough. You are the one who live your life, might as well live it the way you want it.


3. Stop comparing
The grass on your neighbor’s house is greener and you get all jealous, but what you don’t know is that you have so many beautiful flowers in your yard. You are just so busy envying the grass that you don’t notice the flowers. Why don’t you accept what you have got? Not everything is right for everyone.


4. Stop judging other people
Stop being in control all the time. Stop judging others for what they do; it’s their lives, they can do whatever they want to do. Who are you to judge whether something is right or wrong? Treat people the way you want to be treated. If you know how it feels to be treated badly, then don’t do the same to others.


5. Stop feeling responsible for others’ feeling
Stop feeling sorry for other people. Now it may sound selfish, but it actually means to stop worrying too much. Especially for something that’s not your fault, stop feeling like you are responsible for everything. You are not.


6. Befriended happy people
Being friends with happy people is like nutrients for the soul. They can help you feel happy obviously, and they can be the ones who advise you not to let other people bother you (and even teach you to ignore them).


7. Be happy
When you are happy with the way things are, you feel that you are enough. It won’t be easy anymore for other people to plant ideas in your head that you are not. Count your blessing, be content, and know your worth.




So, those are seven simple actions you can take to redefine your concept of perfection. Not to be trapped by it anymore, but to overcome the illusion of fear and be happy no matter what. If you think you need a hand to get out of your fear and live a more peaceful life, I might be able to help you out. You can work it out with me, side by side.


Dear beautiful soul, the bottom line is; from now on, start to be aware of the motivation behind every action. Make conscious decisions in your life. Stop acting like a puppet, because you are not. You are this beautiful soul within you. You are the pure spirit in a physical body. You are beyond the concept of perfection. You are you.


Feel inspired? Share this to all your friends so they will feel empowered, too. It’s time for the wake-up call. Thank you for reading and see you soon!


Love and light,






ameliadevina1Amelia is a Quantum Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Coach. Her goal is to help you find out who you truly are and why you are here, and therefore, support you to live yourself as the true you – the best version of yourself. She does that by giving you tools that you can immediately apply to improve your life, your relationship, your career, your health and many more than you can possibly dreamed of by incorporating methods such as past life regression, hypnotherapy, chakra wisdom healing, clearing, card reading, life coaching and meditation. Now, she serves through one-on-one therapies and coaching, and also offline and online classes, workshops and retreats. She regularly shares her passion through the newsletters that you can subscribe for free at You can contact Amelia at or her Facebook page and her instagram/ twitter @ameliadevina777.

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