The Teachers who change my life for the better




To be able to live, we owe so much to countless other beings. Aside from our parents, the ones we should also be very grateful to are our teachers, our gurus.


Teachers, and spiritual teachers specifically, are those who carry the lantern to shine and guide our steps. Those who help us understand the unknown, from being stubborn to being wise, from being wretched to being relieved.


Throughout my life, I am grateful to be able to know and meet exceptional teachers. From the many of them, the three teachers that have the most influence in my life are Guru Gede Prama whom I’ve known since 2009, Dharma Master Cheng Yen whom I’ve known since 1999, and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh whom I’ve known since 2011.




master cheng yen quote




The three of them have very distinct similarities:
– Speak very softly, dress very simply, and have the charismatic features
– Emphasize the value of love and service
– Stress the importance of self-cultivation from two sides: inward (to build your character) and outward (willingness to share)


Their presence changes the course of my life forever. Just like a lost lamb that has found its way home. From being blind to finally see. From sleeping comfortably in suffering, to being happy walking through the course of acceptance and giving.


The wise men say, “When the disciple is ready, the teacher will arrive.” Have you found the lantern guiding your steps? The greatest happiness of someone who is willing to learn is to find the right teacher for him/herself. If you have found them, practice their teaching. That’s the deepest devotion that you can give. If you haven’t found them, keep on walking.


Compared to my teachers, it’s as if my score is 1 and each one of them gets 1,000,000. I still have long way to go with my self-cultivation, yet their guidance is always so full of love and compassion. My sincerest regards to each one of them. May the life of the gurus will always be blessed with health, peace and happiness; and may the teaching are spread to every corner of the world.


Love and light,



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