The story about a dying lady with her big oxygen tank



This time I will explain how Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) method was first initiated by my teacher, Dolores Cannon.


Roughly 45 years ago, Dolores started her career as a traditional hypnotherapist following her husband’s footstep where she found “oddity” when her client started to tell her about her past life. At that time the topic of Past Life Regression was still considered uncommon in the US.


As time went by, Dolores realised that with the method she used, she could communicate with a powerful existence, which she called the Subsconscious (SC), which is no other than the Higher Self or our true self. This SC is not the same as what psychologists called our subconsciousness. At that time, Dolores personally called it SC even though nowadays it is more well known as the Higher Self or Superconscious.


Through communicating with the SC, Dolores found a lot of miracles: various instant healing, answers to every questions and life’s mystery. Because the process and result from this method is far more extraordinary than the normal PLR, this method was then called as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Let’s watch the explanation straight from Dolores.



What is Dolores Cannon’s favourite Quantum Healing session? Facilitating thousands of clients from all over the world and witnessing plenty of miracles in front of her very own eyes, it wasn’t easy for her to choose a favourite. In the video below Dolores spoke about one of her clients that left her a deep impression.


The woman came with a walker and a big oxygen tank that she needed to use constantly, she was dying with her lungs barely functional. After connecting the oxygen tank to the electricity, she started her session. In the middle of it while the SC was helping to repair her lungs, the electricity was suddenly out and there was loud noises coming from the oxygen tank. Dolores was worried because normally without the tank the client won’t be able to breathe.


But then SC said to her, “Not to worry, she doesn’t need that oxygen tank anymore.” After that, the woman was healed completely; she went home without needing to use her oxygen tank, she can run and even her face looks different. It’s as if she was reborn.



Just like Dolores, these kind of happenings is the source of happiness for us practitioners. In the next articles, I will also tell you the story of miracles that I’ve encountered thus far.  


And… my other happiness is when I can meet you and write to you every week!! Thank you for always sending me encouragement to continue writing and sharing. If you have any questions, you can write it in the comment box on my blog. Feel free to share this article to anyone who may need them.


I pray so that everything you’re looking for come to you at the right time. Thank you and see you!



Love and light,

Amelia Devina




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