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My previous article, “Who angels really are (and how to communicate with them)” has gone viral and got many positive feedback. (Thanks heaps for sharing!!). Now you know how easy it is to communicate with the angels.

Few days ago, one morning just as I bent over to take off my running shoes before entering the front door, I saw a tiny grey feather falling down and laying nicely on my brown carpet (feathers are also signs of the angels). My angels have told me that what’s been done is not enough. You and I are urged to communicate extensively with them, seek out for them vigorously, feel their presence and receive all the guidance and blessing they thoroughly provide. Now, let’s get started with it, nice and easy.

From the comments that I’ve received, there are many among you friends who experience the repeating numbers phenomenon! Many then asked, what does this mean? That’s why today I am going to explain the secret behind repeating numbers, or largely known as ‘Angel Numbers’, to you.




What Angel Numbers actually are?

Angel Numbers is the term generally used to describe the repeating numbers or the twin numbers phenomenon. Because its function as the medium to relay messages, just like the angels; and they are often times initiated also by the angels, this term has become widely common. The number sequence is usually starting from 3 digits, 4 digits, or even more.


Why are there Angel Numbers?

Twin numbers that are seen repeatedly catch our attention, don’t they? As a matter of fact, the angels, the Divines and all the Universe communicate with us in such varied ways. First, through the voice within. The messages are whispered to our ears or to our mind, and suddenly, we feel like we understand something, we get a revelation of a brand new idea which was previously unthinkable and unimaginable. But, because we are too busy, we don’t have the time to rest in silence and our mind is always full, it’s getting harder and harder to listen to these voices.

Because this voice within is neglected, whilst the messages are still needed to be delivered, the angels and the Universe are using different ways to catch our attention. Of course, the weirder, the more unique and the less normal they are, we become more aware. One of them is through the numbers. The angels can arrange just the perfect timing so that at the right place and at the right time, just as we glance, our eyes meet this repeating numbers phenomenon! Sounds familiar? 🙂


Where can we see these Angel Numbers?

These repeating numbers are commonly seen in places that are familiar to us, for example: cellular phones, vehicle license plates, signs on the streets, or magazines and books that we read. Basically, there is no rule or limitation, and everything is possible!


So, what do these Angel Numbers mean?

On my site, there is a special page where you can get all the information about Angel Numbers which I’ve learned from Doreen Virtue, a spiritual teacher who’s famous for her Angel Therapy. To make it easy for you, I’m going to explain the simplest way to instantly understand the messages behind these numbers — we can immediately become an expert just by recognizing the keywords for each number!

Just like many things under the Universe, numbers too have their own symbolic meanings. From 0 to 9, and back to 0. Therefore, to understand how the Angel Numbers work, we can also reflect the human’s life journey.


111 – The number “1” is the number of “everything begins with the mind”. Getting new ideas and opportunities, a sudden arrival of insights and understanding. Pay careful attention on your thoughts because this number says whatever you can think of, you can manifest into reality.

222 – The number “2” says a well planted seed is growing to become a reality. It encourages you to keep nurturing the seed and do your best to make your dreams come true. Stay positive, do not quit before you arrive at your destination.

333 – The number “3” is the number of the Ascended Masters. Through this number, the Ascended Masters are telling you that they are always there to give you help, love and companion. The famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Guan Yin, Yogananda, etc.

444 – The number “4” is the number of the angels. Don’t worry because the angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help.

555 – The number “5” is the number of change. Whether this is the change that you’ve been waiting for or this is an unexpected change for you, accept it as a natural part of your growth. Walk with it without having to put either positive or negative label into it.

666 – The number “6” encourages you to stay in balance. Currently, you are too focused on the material worlds. For a change, try to shift your attention to service and love. Rest assured, your needs will be met.

777 – The number “7” says you are doing a good job. Congratulations, the angels are applauding your great works! Keep doing what you are doing and have faith that your wishes are coming true!

888 – The number “8” signals a preparation for something that is about to end.  This number tells you that soon you are undergoing a transition in life. On the other hand, this number also tells you not to procrastinate, you can enjoy the fruit of your labor.

999 – The number “9” is the number of completion. Just like a circle where the tail is going to meet its head, this number shows the end of a big phase of your life’s journey.

000 – The number “0” represents wholeness and oneness. A reminder that God is always with you and is within you. A complete cycle.


How about the combination of two numbers, for instance 113?

Whatever the numbers are, just remember the keywords. The easiest way to do this is by combining the keywords of each numbers. For example: 1 talks about the mind and 3 talks about the Ascended Masters. Therefore, 113 means at this very moment, the Ascended Masters are helping you through the thoughts and insights which appear in your mind. They are assisting you and guiding you so that you may reach your dreams and fulfill your life purpose.

225 – The number 2 talks about the growing of a well planted seed and the number 5 talks about change. Therefore, 225 means you have to keep up with your positivity and your efforts, expect to see a good change coming your way.

It’s pretty easy, right?

>> For the complete explanation, go to my page: Angel Numbers.


How about my own personal experience?

I personally experience that once the angels know that we are accustomed to communicating through numbers, the conversation will eventually get more intense and there are more messages that we can receive. Everyday, I get a dozen to even tens of repeating number sequences. For no less than four years being friends with Angel Numbers, I recall the moments when I giggle with joy, feel touched and cry, and feel motivated to continue on my life’s mission. Through these numbers, I can feel the support of the Universe so dear and so close to me, always keep an eye on me and protect me, never let me walk on this journey alone, always ready in whatever circumstances that may present. Humorous, just in time and full of love. That’s what I feel towards these messages from the angels.


Do you want to prove it for yourself?

Now, let’s get into practice! For the next three days, I ask you to pay careful attention whenever you run into repeating numbers. Whatever numbers you see, write it down and make a note. Then, check out the meaning here. Repeat this for three days in a row, and do your best to continue till the following week. I am certain you will definitely have an amusing experience with this Angel Numbers. That’s why I am inviting you to share your findings in the discussion page.

>> Which angel numbers you see the most? What does it mean for you?




Go go go..!!Take this chance, your angels have long been waiting for you to want to and be able to listen to their messages. You don’t even have to say a word. You just need to desire and need their existence, they’ll come to you instantaneously. Receive the messages, enjoy the light! May you find what you are looking for and you can always sense your angels’ existence wherever you are!


Thank you for reading, let’s join the angels’ crew and share this message from the angels to all your family and friends. See you soon!



Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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