The Message from the Higher Self about Cosmic Phenomenons




Hello, loved one!

If you read this article, you must be somewhat like me. You too are fascinated by the cosmic phenomenons — energy coming from the movement in the cosmic which also influence the energy on planet Earth and all of us who live in it. We just passed some major occurrence — the super full moon, new moon, solar and lunar eclipse, Mercury Retrograde is coming in a blink of an eye, and we’ll have another full moon afterwards. So, what’s so big about it? Why people make such a fuss about it?


If you follow some cosmic readers like Elizabeth Peru, one I deeply admire, you’ll notice that each cosmic occurrence will bring about certain energy, certain change in our emotion and attitude so that as the world grows, we too, grow; and I assure you, it is always best to follow the current and change naturally towards where the flow moves you. In short, just play the game.

In the past few weeks, Elizabeth Peru has talked a lot about having these three principles to win in this game of change, to get the best out of the cosmic phenomenons that are occurring.




The energy brought by the cosmic is so so huge that whether you want it or not, you’ll just have to sit face to face with the situations or people (usually from the past) which will “force” you to implement these three positive actions. Lately, memories and emotions are rushing back to you. You just feel the need to sort out things and throw away your “old stuff” and you have to face your own fear and ego to become the better you. Can you relate to these? ‘Cause I absolutely do.

So, few days ago, I had a Quantum Healing session with a young female client who is a futures trader. Her Higher Self (true soul) was so friendly, loving and wise, I asked this question.


“We heard a lot that there are major shifts happening in the cosmic and that we are urged to release, clean up our space, and instead of thinking of what we want or what we don’t want, just focus on what we already have and be grateful. Do you have any thought on that? Anything you want to add?”


The Higher Self answered me… and I couldn’t help but smile. This is what They said:




The answer kinda hit me in the head.

Because I, too, sometimes forget that change towards my better self is a day to day movement. You and I don’t need to wait for a certain timing like New Year or birthday or even some painful words from others to continuously improve.

Like said by the Higher Self, cosmic phenomenons play the role as your energy booster. The Universe urge you to move towards a certain direction in order for you to grow. But, how you response today and the days after are your responsibility. It’ll be such a pity if you take action now, but come back to be your old self tomorrow. Because everyday we may meet somebody who hurts our feeling, everyday we are loaded with lots and lots of information which sometimes are junk, everyday we are embracing our fear to reach our dreams. So, that’s why we have to release, clean up space and be grateful.. EVERYDAY!


What to Release?

Anger, pain, sadness, hatred, fear, jealousy, disappointment, past relationships, etc. — emotions I never label as ‘bad’. I call them my teaching emotions, those who serve as teachers in order for me to accelerate.

What to clean up?

Your desk, room, office, heart, mind, food supply, time — clean them out from the junk, from the old energies that no longer serve you or no longer support your life purpose.

What to be grateful for?

Oh, this is easy for you! The most important thing here is to always feel enough and be grateful for WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. Focusing on what’s not there or what you do not have will only make you feel lack and this won’t attract positive vibe from the Universe.


So loved one, the phenomenons in our cosmic come and go, but we can choose to stay in the game and play it like we mean it. Life is a day to day struggle, but I’m playing to win. Not to win from you, but to win in the name of love. The love for myself and for everyone, because with one person striving to become her truest self, the world can be just a little sweeter.


Don’t you think so? If you’re with me and you’re committed to learn everyday, say it out loud in the comment section. Tell me what you have done today based on the three principles above. Inspire me! Can’t wait to hear more from you. And if you like this article, please share it with others. If you are curious about what a Quantum Healing session is like, you can also click here.


In the meantime, I wish you huge divine cosmic energy coming right to you, filling up your soul. Embrace yourself. You are awesome! See you soon.


Love and light,
Amelia Devina

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