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The day to honour your loved ones

Some people walk into your heart and completely change your life forever!


My best friend went away when she was 28. She was still very young. She lived in what we would say a life in perfection. She was tall and pretty, exotic face with perfect skin complexion. She had a happy family, raised as the only child and she studied university in the US. She worked in big multinational corporations, she invested in business, she bought her own house. She was happily in a relationship with this handsome man who worked in a law firm and she was meant to get married one month before she passed away. Her parent and her fiancé were so brokenhearted and I felt so much of a loss. She died of brain lupus.


But… If it’s not because of her dying, I would not be where I am today. When she was really sick, I found out about Dolores Cannon, her works and her method named QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy). This healing modality is so powerful that it can cure diseases: cancers of all types, heart and liver problems, even HIV! So, I thought, why couldn’t it cure lupus? It’s worth giving it a try. I wanted to do something here. I wanted to be useful. I wanted to help. My friend was dying.


So, because of her, I decided not to wait any longer to learn this healing method. Honestly, I didn’t have much money back then. I had to put everything I had, I risked it all. So, I paid and I studied for about two weeks. This method is so simple and yet so powerful that all you need to have to master it, is a heart to serve. And then, I started practicing on volunteers and then on paying clients. And all the while when I was doing it, I requested my friend’s healing to the Higher Self.


It turned out that the answer was this: She would be completely healed, but she wouldn’t live again on this physical world. I received this answer not only with one client, but many! And so, that was a confirmation. A confirmation I was so afraid to tell anyone because death is not an issue people would comfortably discussed about. And so, she passed away on Wednesday, October 8, 2014. I knew I had to let her go.


I tell this story as a tribute of what dying and death have turned me into. I am paying tribute and sending my gratitude to my best friend who has always been my lifetime supporter. I know she will be proud of what I am doing today. I would not for one second forsaken the fact that her dying was a channel for me to step into the work of supporting and healing others I am doing today. I have helped many others in mental and physical healing through QHHT and I teach people to embrace spirituality in daily life challenges. She has opened that path for me and I honor her for that.


Today, if she has lived a little longer, would be her 29th birthday. Her name was Aurellia Auw. And I love her and I miss her. And I promise her that I would not give up on my works because of what she has given to me. I am a counselor, a teacher and a healer. And I will continue to be so to honor that light that she has shown me.




So, let this be the day for you to honour your loved ones. And this is what I want you to do:

  1. If you have loved ones who have passed away, please use this day to honour their presence in your life. Say hello, send some prayers.
  2. And to those you love that are still here in the physical world with you, please honour their presence by BEING THE BEST PERSON THAT YOU ALREADY ARE. You don’t want to look back and regret. Life here is short and you want it to be worthwhile. Simple gestures and words of love and kindness do work!


When you have done so, please share your stories and insights with me. I’d love to hear from you! Thank you so much for reading my story and if you like it and you know that it can help to inspire some people else out there, please share it with them.
I wish you much love and healing light through this important cycle on the planet (will tell you more about it later..). *wink*


Love you,


PS: Her favourite colour is orange! 🙂




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