The Day of Silence when you think less and feel more



Day of Silence, or called Nyepi in Indonesian, is commemorated every Saka New Year as a national public holiday and celebrated by the Hindus in Bali. During Nyepi, Balinese do fasting and meditation. The main restrictions are: no lighting (light must be kept low), no working, no entertainment or pleasure, no traveling, and for some people, no talking or eating at all.


This year, I am celebrating Day of Silence in Belitong Island, Indonesia. Frans Budi Pranata (Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and Indonesian Best CFO 2013-2015) and I are hosting a travel-workshop event entitled “Spiritual Healing and Purpose Driven Life” from March 8-10. Amazingly, we also get to see the solar eclipse this time! (Will send you the photos later)


The total solar eclipse will be visible from some parts of Indonesia including Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and from few spots in the Pacific Ocean. And people in the northern and eastern Australia, South Asia and East Asia will be able to see the partial eclipse. Raising such a high vibration to encourage spiritual awakening, it is a real deal to spend the Day of Silence, the new moon and the solar eclipse in the beautiful Belitong!


The whole Day of silence is a simple long quiet day. From the religious and philosophy point of view, Nyepi is meant to be a day of self introspection to decide on values, e.g. humanity, love, patience, kindness, etc., that should kept forever. It is the day when you pause from your hectic schedule, complicated relationships and the demanding world – to look inward, find the answers within and return home to your true nature.


Although we know how relieving and wonderful it is to have a day of silence once in a while, you might think that it would be impossible to spend one day of doing “only nothing”. But even though you’re not a Hindu and you don’t live in Bali, everyone of us can get an equal chance to apply the philosophy and values of Nyepi in our lives! It’s like a personal retreat that can be done at whichever timing we choose – once a year, twice a year, once a month or even once a week!


For us modern people living in a busy world, I offer you five practical ways to infuse and practice Day of silence in the day that you choose. Try it and I’m sure you will thank me for this. It is super refreshing, recharging and revitalizing!


1. Digital detox

Doesn’t matter how busy you are, in the Day of silence you need to be away from those digital devices, like TV, cell phone, computers and any electronic gadgets. Stop taking too much noise and information, listen inward, and be comfortable being in silent.


2. Eat less or fasting

You don’t have to do a whole day fasting if you think you aren’t able to. You can choose not to eat after 12 pm for example, or simply eat less and eat simple no-processed or low-processed food. Keep it healthy and fresh. Meat free diet is preferable.


3. Talk less

Try to spend one day without talking or only talk when it’s really really important. Use this time to observe others and the nature, self-introspect, and be in communion with your true nature. You will be amazed by how things could be better if you do these certain things.


4. Consume less

Power, gas, water, money, you name it. This way you can contribute to appreciate, respect and give less burden and more love to our beloved Mother Earth. You’ll see that you can live just by having the basic human needs and that you are rich in so many ways.


5. Stay at home

It’s time to stop being so busy all the time; love yourself, be aware of your body. If your body needs rest, give it a much needed rest, so you can use it for longer.


IMG_4806 (1280x853)


Take a day off on weekdays or on weekends, so you can practice these without disturbance. Give yourself the love and attention you deserve. Recharge your body, your mind and your relationship. Your Higher Self  will also thank you for this!


Remember, problems are to be faced – and not to be escaped from. In my line of work , people who come to see me are those who realize that they are not actually too busy to make time solving their problems. They eventually realize that they are their priority! Day of silence is a great chance to make yourself a priority. And if you ever need that someone to share your experience and listen to you, to help you be able to face and handle your problems, you can contact me here.


Ask me now


If you’re looking towards another travel-workshop or retreat experience with me, you can also leave your name and contact number here. I will be happy to let you know when I have another event coming up.


Always great to talk to you. I hope you receive all the blessing of Nyepi, the new moon and the solar eclipse today. Thanks for reading and do share this to your friends – let them receive all the blessings, too! See you soon.



Love and light,

Amelia Devina

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