Stop comparing. You are enough!





I learned something precious from my recent Quantum Healing session.


Often times, humans (you and I) feel incomplete or unfulfilled because we feel we haven’t achieved much. We want to do grand things, be accepted by the general standards and feel proud of what we’ve done.


My client this time is a young mom in her last trimester of pregnancy. After a few times trying to do part-time jobs while taking care of her baby, in the end she decided to be a full-time housewife.


On one side she realises that this is the right choice for her because she wants to take full care of her kids. On the other side though, she often feels ashamed and rather useless for not working.


Even though this wasn’t mentioned specifically before the session, wondrously, the client’s Higher Self/ true nature views this as something rather important. And this is the gist of Her message to my client, and eventually, to all of us:


“Time is limited. This life is temporary. So, she needs to use her time wisely. She needs to work. But by working, it doesn’t necessarily mean working in the office or earning money.


She can keep serving. Keep singing as a service. If she’s done just that, occasionally — it doesn’t even have to be regular, as long as she is doing it wholeheartedly, then it is enough.


She doesn’t have to compare herself to her friends. Why they’re working, have their own earnings, look cool and posh. There’s no need to feel ashamed or to belittle yourself. Everyone has their own phase and journey.


A work or a service doesn’t have to be grand. She doesn’t have to deliberately find a job that has impact for a lot of people. Doing simple things are enough. She just needs to continue whatever she’s doing now. Do everything with wholeheartedness and love; that is good enough. It is enough.


Listening to the Higher Self, I was moved and I use this moment to reflect on myself. That’s true, sometimes we like to compare ourselves with others. We feel inadequate. And feel that we need to do something bigger for us to be a better person, so that we can feel worthy and honourable.


Borrowing the inspiration from Higher Self, I’d like to say this to myself and to everyone here: Stop comparing. You are enough. The fact that we are alive and live out our existence on this Earth is grand enough. We are already living out our role. As long as we keep doing whatever we are doing – as mundane as it is – with wholeheartedness and love, we have done our part in the Universe.


Isn’t this relieving?




Have you had a similar experience? If yes, you can share your story here and let us learn from how you’ve overcome the feeling of inadequacy and unworthiness. Tell us your story in the comment box below.


I hope this article makes you truly feel what self-honour is. As Deepak Chopra aptly says: “When you honour yourself, the Universe honours you.”


Thank you for reading and sharing this article. You are worthy, you are enough! See you soon.



Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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