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Do you have any problems with your job? Do you feel like you are doing something you are not passionate about? Do you wish to have another job that can sustain your life? If your answers are ‘yes’, it may indicate you are working at a wrong place or you’re working on a job that does not suit you. Yes, life always offers us challenges, but if you keep on having the same problems over and over again, it means you are not happy with what you do.


Do you wish the clock goes faster everytime you are at work? Of course most people think their workplace is not the happiest place on earth, that’s normal. But the feeling you have is more than that. You feel like you can’t stand the thought of work, let alone thinking about your job. It’s killing you inside and you know it.


I don’t think it’s good for you if you keep on torturing yourself like this, but I understand if you have many reasons to consider. You may receive the signs that urge you to stop for a little while and reflect. But maybe you are just not sure and you don’t want to acknowledge the signs that are in front of your eyes already. Right now, I’d like to encourage you to see them, hear them, and feel them.


I’ve met a lot of clients with this kind of problems and we all know that  we can’t have a happy life if we’re not happy at work. And yes, I know it sucks to experience that kind of life. Based on my own experience and those that I observe, here are the signs you’ll find when you’re working on a wrong job or working at a wrong place. Be honest to yourself when you read this.


1. You start to worry about Monday when it’s actually still Sunday
You can’t even enjoy your weekend. You keep on thinking about  your workplace (or perhaps you call it ‘hell’) and you keep on thinking about works that are waiting for you. It’s Sunday but it tastes like Monday.


2. Anytime you hear the word ‘work’, your heart stops beating
I’m exaggerating here, but some people tell me that just by hearing the word ‘work’, their heart stop beating for a second, and not in a good way. You don’t want to hear it, end of discussion.


3. Just thinking about work makes you want to throw up
This one might be uncomfortable and it makes you one miserable person. Even if you don’t actually throw up, you feel this nausea feeling when you think about going to work.


4. Even the big salary doesn’t help
People think as long as the salary is big, bills are paid, and you still got a plenty after that, even if the job sucks, they’d still do it. But actually those who said that haven’t been in the shoes of the people who are working at the wrong place. Big salary helps? Wrong! It is not. Those in this situation are just fed up and don’t care about their salary anymore.


5. The co-workers don’t help either
Sometimes you can’t stand a job, but if you’ve got nice co-workers, you’d be fine. But what if  you have nice co-workers, but still you can’t stand your job? You almost have no reason to stay.


6. You keep wishing that the clock goes faster everyday
You keep wishing that it is time for you to go home. You’d rather be in a traffic than to stay at work. And wow, THAT IS A BIG SIGN! Everyone hates being stuck in traffic and when you prefer to be in the middle of a traffic jam more than doing your job? It is soooo not right.


7. You keep replaying all the scenes at work on the way home
If you think this one is about evaluating the work, no, it is not. It’s the moment when you replay all the scenes about what went wrong in the office. You can’t even get rid of it when you’re about to go home and when you are at home. It makes you sooo miserable.


8. You keep worrying if you are going to mess up
It’s good to be careful, but if everything you do get criticized, that’s messed up! You can’t do what you think is right and you don’t have the courage to be creative. You’d be extra careful that it makes you not to be able to do anything right, because you keep worrying about messing up. You are too afraid to take the next step.


9. You are always at the verse of tears almost everyday
You keep hanging in there, but you always at the verse of tears almost every single day. It’s going to serve you a big bill from the doctor if you keep let this happening to you. You always get headache everyday and it’s not the normal one. You better think about it again, is it worth all the sacrifices you have done?


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Are you experiencing these signs above? Ask yourself, why do you keep doing it? Is it more important than your health? Because it wouldn’t be pretty for your health, physically and mentally. It’s only going to make you worse. Love yourself first and be kind to yourself. If you can’t save yourself, who will?


And if you are in this kind of situation and you need help and support, please don’t ever be hesitate to contact me here.


Thank you for reading. Please share this article to your loved ones who need it. Don’t let them be forever trapped in stressful job and workplace like we mentioned above. They, and especially you, deserve and worth to be happy and to work in whatever job your heart desires. See you soon!


Love and light,







Amelia is a Quantum Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Coach. Her goal is to help you find out who you truly are and why you are here, and therefore, support you to live yourself as the true you – the best version of yourself. She does that by giving you tools that you can immediately apply to improve your life, your relationship, your career, your health and many more than you can possibly dreamed of by incorporating methods such as past life regression, hypnotherapy, chakra wisdom healing, clearing, card reading, life coaching and meditation. Now, she serves through one-on-one therapies and coaching, and also offline and online classes, workshops and retreats. She regularly shares her passion through the newsletters that you can subscribe for free at ameliadevina.com. You can contact Amelia at hello@ameliadevina.com or her Facebook page and her instagram/ twitter @ameliadevina777.

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