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Today, let’s bring our attention to those who suffer all around the world.


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When we know that spiritually we are never really separated from one another, your pain has become my pain and your happiness is also mine.


That is one simple illustration of what Oneness is.
Disasters, huge and tiny, happen daily. To each and everyone of us. Once in a while, a bigger disaster comes as a way for us to reflect on how we are living our lives. But, when a huge disaster takes place, like the one which is happening now in Nepal, the world suddenly pauses and pays attention. It does take something massive to catch our attention, isn’t it?


Many of us may ask: WHY? Whatever it is, it is certainly not a punishment from God. Now, let’s read a passage from Dolores Cannon’s book, Convoluted Universe II (2005). I am not claiming that this is the exact answer, but prepare to have your consciousness expanded.


About death, death by accidents and death by natural disasters.


pg. 238Just as we come into life with a plan, we also have a plan for our departure from this life. Everyone decides before entering how they will exit. This is said with all emotion removed and must be understood that way. None of this is known on the conscious level, and it is probably very wise that we don’t remember these plans. People always say they don’t want to die, they do not want to get sick, and they do not plan to leave their loved ones. They would strongly deny that they were planning their death. But it is all part of a plan much further beyond our knowledge and understanding. Therefore, the only way to look at it without limited human minds is logically with all emotions removed.”


There are various reasons why a spirit decides it is time to depart the physical. It has completed its goal, its plan and worked out all the karma that was necessary for this lifetime. In this case there is no need to continue. In other cases, it decides that other people will progress much faster if their presence was not acting as a liability. In these cases the spirit decides to forgo its own further development so that others who are too dependent can go on their own. So they can “grow up”, in other words. These reasons are often not apparent on the surface; and can be discovered only after much soul searching.”


pg. 240 “Once the soul has decided it is time to leave the physical, it will arrange events so that it can die. An interesting point has been brought out through my regression material: that one of the problems today is the medical establishment. If the person is dying in a hospital, often the doctors try to keep them alive with all the wonderful equipment that is available. Also the family is reluctant for them to leave even though the physical body is so damaged it can no longer sustain them, and there is no point in remaining. So the quickest, easiest way with the least likelihood of interference, is to die in an accident or natural disaster, etc. Some of these methods of exiting life are called “freak accidents” and can be quite bizarre. I have always believed that if it is your time to go, it will happen even while you are sitting in your living room. There are cases reported of planes or cars crashing into a house and killing someone.”


The best way to respect these departing souls is to live life as the best version of yourself. Learn the lessons, make it worthwhile.


Nepal earthquake, Chile volcano and many others are just examples. In our home country, in our own town, tragedies happen daily. But, you can always do something about it. Now, let’s center our thoughts and do these compassionate practices together with me:

1. Pray
Pray for all the souls who suffer all around the world. May every soul receives whatever needed: food, water, shelter, medicine, consolation, enlightenment.

2. Help
You may not be able to go to Nepal, and that’s okay, but you can help your own family and friends back home. Look around you, give a little smile and a little support, your little acts make a difference in the world. And if you care to donate for Nepal or for other social causes, do send me a private message because I have recommendations on the organizations I believe in and I am contributing to.


I am so proud of you! Now that you have completed these exercises, it’s time for you to share. Go to my page and tell us what your prayers are and the act of kindness you do for today. Let’s inspire each other. And you would want to share this to your family and friends. See, it’s that easy to be kind!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing. And I can’t wait to see you in our discussion page.



Love and light,



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