Is This A Premonition? Or Just My Feeling?


On the previous article, we have talked about kinds of premonition that you shouldn’t ignore. What about another premonition? Do we need to follow it?

Our unconscious mind has various ways to communicate with our conscious mind; by listening to what people say, watching things around us that draw our attention, dream, angel number, sign from nature, premonition, etc. This attempt is done by unconscious mind as a form of expression in order that we are triggered and pushed to live according to our real identity.

You may get premonition (and other signs) in your daily life and you may get confused about the meaning of this premonition. You may also doubt whether it is a real premonition or just manifestation of your fear or worry. To guess the meaning of your premonition and to arrange action that you should do after this premonition occurs, you can make a journal of your premonition.

In this journal, you can write some things concerning your premonition such as:

1. Time and Date the Premonition Occurs
According to Carl Jung, dream works to integrate our conscious mind with our unconscious mind. So, if you get a premonition in the form of a dream, it’s better for you to record time and date this premonition occurs. Sometimes, the time this premonition occurs can help you to guess whether this premonition is useful for you or just a form of your worry.

For example, a premonition in the form of dream which occurs when we are asleep (at 12-3 a.m.) usually gives more significant message compared to premonition which occurs at the time you are about to wake up (4-6 a.m.).

2. The Form of the Premonition
Premonition can come in many forms. So, it’s better for you to record the premonition in detail; what the premonition is like. A premonition can come in the form of dream, words that you hear and even certain sceneries that draw our attention (for example: tree’s branch blown by wind and water stream on a fish pool). Don’t hesitate to write them all for it is only you who can read it 😉

3. What Happens Afterwards
When making a journal, it’s better for you to write what happens after the premonition occurs as well; what you do and what the situation is afterwards. Thus, you can draw temporary conclusion whether this premonition can give you advantageous hint or it’s just a form of your worry.

4. Re-check Your Journal

The premonition that you feel may inform you what will happen someday (not in the near future). So, it’s better for you to re-check your journal. You may find some premonitions which show something in advance.

As a hint which occurs in your life, a premonition can help you to face various problems and avoid bad things. By making a journal, you can avoid bias in judging a premonition; you can categorize which one is significant sign and which one is just a manifestation of your worry.

Try to make a journal of your premonition and feel free to share your experience in making a journal of premonition by writing a comment below.

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