How Your Mind Affects The Mother Earth’s Condition


Do you know that human acts as warehouse of both positive and negative energy? The energy that we spread will be very influential to many aspects in our life; one of them is the condition of Mother Earth. As a field of energy, Mother Earth is very sensitive to energy that we spread.

We know that if we keep our negative emotion (I prefer to call it learning emotion) constantly, the negative energy will precipitate in ourselves and burden us. We will get sick mentally, emotionally, or physically. In addition, the negative emotion (learning emotion) that we spread will affect Mother Earth.

We who live in Mother Earth are like louse on her back; if keep giving negative emotion (learning emotion) by biting Mother Earth’s back, it’s not surprising that we will face various reactions from Mother Earth directly.

So, it makes sense that natural disaster often happens when people do many bad things. However, please remember that negative energy comes not only from bad things that we do. Negative energy comes from envy, pride, hate, scare, and other forms of negative emotion (learning emotion) as well. Remember, negative energy that we spread is influential to our external reality.

So, how does Mother Earth overcome and clean energy negative which we give to her? Usually, Mother Earth releases negative energy through climate response. Storm, high tide, earthquake, and various kinds of drastic climate/weather change. By knowing this, we can be more careful in taking action.

We also can do other things to give positive energy to Mother Earth. One of them is meditating. When meditating, you can blend your mind to realize negative energy that you have in yourself. The method is simple; imagine that your mind becomes liquid that moves from your head to your heart. If you have many negative things in your mind, you will feel that your heart is pushed and it is uncomfortable. All you need to do is to watch and wait calmly until the pressure abates. Although this method is simple, it can help us to realize how often we spread negative energy to our surrounding.

If you are used to meditating, you can meditate with the intention of love. Don’t forget to do other eco-friendly things; reducing the use of single-use product, recycling, reducing carbon trail, and other things to keep the environment.

After reading and knowing how we can give big impact to Mother Earth, what will you do to make Mother Earth better? Feel free to share your answer in comment section.

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