May you choose love above all, always




Sometimes it takes the whole world to turn upside down for us to realize that we can no longer rely on the systems that are ruling and controlling our governments and our lives at the moment. Sometimes it takes fear to slap us in the face for us to unite. To realize that fear is just an illusion and the only thing that real is love. And to truly understand that the emotions we are feeding are the emotions that are growing to become us. To become our reality. And to overcome these fear-based emotions, we need love. Humongous amount of love.


Everyone says that we should pray for this or that country and for the world, but wait a second. Have you paused for a little while to finally realize that the attacks happened in certain parts of the world or even the violence we can find in our own homes are just our daily fear-based thoughts and actions amplified? Don’t we get angry because we fear that we won’t get our job done in time? Aren’t we suspicious to the people that seem not to be on our side? Aren’t we mad and we scold others for not giving us what we want and obeying our words?




Today, I am sharing with you very practical tools that you can immediately apply if you really care about what happened to this world. The light is not out there, the light is within you. So, just when you try to heal the world, you can heal yourself, too. Here are some steps to cleanse your mind body and soul and become the shining light that you truly are. If you want to save the world, you can start from you.


1. Get yourself into meditative posture and state

Sit upright in comfortable position and environment. Pay attention to your breath and your body and let’s get yourself into the serene contemplative meditative state. Set intention that you will use this meditation as a tool to cleanse, heal and purify yourself. Ask the Divines for guidance and be mindful of any thoughts that are passing by.


2. Be aware of the disturbance and emotions that you feel

Now, let’s be aware of what’s been disturbing you for the past few days. The urge for self-purification is getting more intense since the 11/11 gate is open. So, ask yourself: is it a particular someone or is it a particular situation that is disturbing you? Allow your mind to give you some flashbacks of your memories. Honour your feeling. Honour any emotions that are arousing.


3. Be aware of where these emotions reflected in your body

This disturbance may cause certain spots in your body to feel tense or painful. It can also be somewhere around your chakras. Wherever that is, pay attention to it and acknowledge it as a manifestation of the pain that you’ve been holding on for long.


4. Gently touch the spot, send some love and forgiveness

Touch the particular spot(s) with your hand. When you do this, imagine there is a bright pink light of love and forgiveness that is entering the spot and cleansing it. Pain appears only when there is not enough love involved. So, magnify your love – towards others and also towards yourself – and let it wash away the pain.


5. Use white light and healing chant to wash away the all the unnecessary old energies

While chanting the mantra you can find on the YouTube video below, imagine there is a white light circling counter clockwise surrounding you. Next, place your hand and make counter clockwise rotation to the particular spot in your body and imagine that you are magnifying that white light through your palm and inside your body. Focus on the spot(s) or the emotions that are arousing.



Know that you are releasing the unnecessary old energy that you’ve been carrying for long. Repeat when necessary, say thank you for the guidance, and understand that it’s a process. You may need to repeat this meditation now and again, but the journey of self-healing and enlightenment is beautiful and always worthwhile.


These are the five steps I am getting as a message during my meditation recently and the ones I personally use as my self-healing method. You can do the same for yourself. Everyday we face lots and lots of challenging situations and people around us. Not to mention the baggage we are carrying since we were young or the garbage we are storing from years and years ago. Self-cleansing and self-healing are must.


So people, of course we have to pray for the world and for all beings. But today, I encourage you to do an actual action to show that you care. The best thing you can do to cast out the darkness is to let your light shining brighter than ever.


Pass on this article to everyone you know, encourage others to do the same. We may start little from our very own self. But when there is enough light in a room, there won’t be enough room for the dark. Be the shining light that is you. Thank you very much for sharing and caring. I’ll see you soon!



Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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