Let’s get personal! New juicy photos from the camp on my Instagram.




Hello..o-0-o-0… how are you?


I just spent few days at Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and I am excited to share my experience with you. So.. On September 4-6, I went for a retreat at Ocean of Life Indonesia, located at Watukodok, Gunung Kidul.


Lived in a humble yet exotic wooden house, met few of the most beautiful souls on planet Earth, ate super delicious vegan raw food, did yoga by the beach, learned how to make tempeh, planted some veggie seeds, gazed at the starry night before sleep, meditated while I danced and roared.. and many more!


Sounds fun, isn’t it? Yes.. I am very grateful and honoured to have met, learned from and made friends with these generous brilliant teachers who are experts on their zones:


Vegan and Raw Foof Chef – Janti Wignjopranoto @alterjiwo,
Holistic Healing Practitioner – Diwien Hartono @diwienhartono,
Yoga Teacher – Yudhi Widdyantoro @yudhiwiddyantoro,
Psychologist – Alexander Sriewijono – @alexandersriweijono,
Sound Healing Therapist – Ellen Kurniawan Lie,
Tempeh Artist – Cicilia Suryaniwati @ciciliasuryaniwati,
and of course, Ocean of Life family @oceanoflife_id.

Plus meeting the participants… lovely ladies, who until today, support one another to live fun healthy lifestyle. WE ARE AWESOME!


Today, I invite you to get personal and check out my account @ameliadevina777 to really have a look at the beautiful pics of the beach, the composting and biogas havens, the food, the atmosphere, and of course, get inspired by what we’ve seen and learned on those few days.

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These above teachers post really really great valuable pics and knowledge (including recipes) everyday. So, make sure you click their ‘follow’ buttons as well.




Make some visits now and tell me what you think. Try to answer this question: What’s one most inspiring value you can take from your Instagram stroll just now?

You can comment on my blog post as usual or I’ll see you on Instagram!


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So, before parting, let me leave you with this one beautiful insight today:

“Celebrate simple little things in life.
Less really is more.”


Thank you so much for reading today’s Witnessday. I am so happy to be able to ‘meet’ you each and every week, dearest. Until then, take care!



Love and light,

Amelia Devina


PS to my Indonesian subscribers: No, you don’t get it wrong. Today’s newsletter comes in English language only 🙂 Peace!

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