Know Your Personality Through Favorite Tourism Destination


Being a traveler who loves to travel to new places can tighten your relationship with nature. By traveling, you can be more grounded; where you can focus, avoid being oscillated by surrounding situation and realize what happens around you right now.

Travelers have their favorite tourism destination. FYI, your favorite destination can show your personality. Let’s have a look at following tourism destinations to know your personality.

Places Near Open Nature

Those who love places near open nature emphasize the peace in their heart. Some activities like camping at open nature or fishing on a boat on the middle of sea can help you to appreciate the beauty of nature. These activities can also help you to recharge your energy. In addition, you are a good listener since you can give mature and logical advice.

Places Surrounded by Wild Nature

You are known as more interesting person compared to people in general. You never give up when pursuing what you want because you have strong desire of achievement. You also enjoy the hard work and are open to new things. However, don’t forget to enjoy the journey as much as you enjoy the goal.

Places Surrounded by Historical Sites

You are a sentimental person who often stunned by the beauty of the past and old stories around you. You really respect history because you understand how the past connects you to the present. Usually, the history lovers dissolve in their mind. It’s not surprising that people who love to be at place near historical sites are usually creative, open-minded, flexible and easy to accept changes.

Artistic Places

Usually, people who love beauty like to be in a place full of artistic things. It means that you have high taste which is difficult to be achieved (by yourself as well). You are sensitive soul, maybe a little bit insecure. Therefore, when what you do matches your high standard, you can be a confident person who are proud of what you make. But remember, don’t be too hard on yourself because everyone (including you) is in learning phase.

Places That You Don’t Know

Nothing can beat your spontaneity and your traveler soul! You really love to take adventure at new places and make your own path guide. You really enjoy life as much as you can. You don’t really like making plan since you think that even the best plan can fail. You have strong belief on yourself. Although you haven’t known what you want (or even your life goal), you believe that eventually you will get what you should get.

Places Surrounded by Shopping Center

You are the person who is very generous to most precious people in your life. You may be a selective person, but you can always choose the good things. Indeed, you are easily “moved” when you heard the word “sale”, but this thing shows that you will also spoil yourself and people near you. Make sure you always follow what your heart says without neglecting what your wallet says 😉

Places Full of Food

Behind your love of food, you are a person who needs something familiar to be with you constantly. However, at the same time, you have desire to find/feel something new. You are not worried to get out of your comfort zone as long as you are not too far. You are happy when you are at safe and stable condition. You are a happy person who loves to enjoy many goodness aspects in life.

Place Which Is Hard to Reach

Unconsciously, you want to stand above the crowd. You know many things and you have strong curiosity. You are very glad when you figure out something which you cannot find on the internet. You like to find your own path, take a route which is rarely taken by another people and find interesting things by yourself.

Place Which Is Recommended by Many People

It can be denied that you are ordered, neat and full-of-preparation person. You will be worried when things don’t go as you predicted and when you are forced to improvise. You run things as they have to run and therefore there will be people who criticize how inflexible you are. However, you are a person where people can count on as well. No wonder there are many people who feel safety when they are around you!

Dangerous Places

Love to go to dangerous places doesn’t mean you want death to come. Usually, people who love dangerous place tend to be people who live their life as best as they can like today is their last day. So, it is not surprising that people who love dangerous place are stubborn and brave; they always think that dangerous things can happen anytime (if it is their time to happen) and therefore there is nothing to be afraid of.

Sometimes, what we choose shows value that we hold/is planted in our life. Through fun quiz like this, we try to reach value which is planted in our unconscious mind in fun way. After reading this, have you re-matched your favorite tourism resort with your personality? Is there any explanation above that suits yourself?

The explanation above can be suitable for some people and can be not suitable for the other as well since the explanation is general. In fact, everyone is unique. However, you can still share whatever you feel on column comment.

And don’t forget to share this article if you find the explanation suits your personality.

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