If we know we’re going to fail anyway, why bother trying?



I guess if there’s an award given to the most hardheaded people in the world, I’d be one of them. Creating resolution for so many times and then fail for so many times for having abandoned the commitment… don’t you feel tired of yourself? Having read so many books, listening to so much wisdom from many great teachers, looking at so many cool inspirational images in social media… but why is it so hard to maintain a truly peaceful and happy heart? Or shortly, why is it so hard to be a good person?

Usually in the beginning of the year or during “important moments” of our lives, such as birthdays or moments when we got sick, we create our life resolutions. We proclaim vows, commitment, and willpower to ourselves. For example…

I want to live a healthy life and reach the ideal weight of this kg
I want to exercise and meditate daily
I want to have a better time management and become more productive at work
Etc… etc…

But we fall down… and down… and down… for so many times along the way. If we know we’re going to fail anyway, why bother trying so hard? Why don’t we just enjoy life, eat nice food everyday, and do whatever we like? If we then get fat, so what??!!


Because deep down in our heart, we know our worth and we know what we truly deserve. Because naturally our soul lives in a continuous attempt to grow more and more resembling our true nature – becoming the best version of ourself – who is divine, beautiful and full of love.



So, what should we do to stop being brokenhearted and still be able to grow without guilt even though we’ve fallen down and failed for so many times? You can practise these three simple tips.

1. Build your new habit with an accountability partner
Sometimes we need the support of a friend to reach our destination easily, or sometimes even, steadfastly. Choose a friend who suits to be your partner to support, remind, encourage, give advice and critics, and also discuss with to build up new habits and reach your dreams. Specify a schedule, either daily/ weekly/ bi-weekly, to check on each other. Depending on what you’d want to achieve, the more routine you do this, the better the result. If you feel you can’t find any suitable partner, you can also seek for the professional help of a coach or mentor.

2. Be in a supportive community
When you’re around salted fish, you smell like one of them. When you’re around durian, you smell just like durian. So, choose a community that can help you grow. If your resolution this year is to get a certain amount of income from your business, so one important thing you should do is to be in a business community where its members already have the income that you targeted. Learn from them and build new habits based on what you learn and observe.

3. Forgive yourself
Change does not come in a blink of an eye. There’s no overnight success. Change is the result of thousands of little moments that shape your mindset and habits to be better. If you wish to have an overnight change, sorry, but you’ll be disappointed. So, learn to accept the situation and forgive yourself, day by day. Because surely, there’ll be a day when you feel bored, angry, tired, worry, disappointed, down, hopeless, and other not so nice feeling. Guilt will only boost your ego and worsen your situation. Forgive yourself, smile, cheer yourself up, and rise up again.


Failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is actually a part of success. They are inseparable, they even need one another. So, failure is not any less worthy than success, and success is not more worthy than failure. If we can accept the two of them equally, it’s the true winning.


Tell me your story! What’s your resolution in this new year? What would you love to achieve within this year. Let’s share. Who knows I could hook you up with someone and we can create a synergy out of it. Give me your comments below.

Thank you so much for reading. I pray so that what your resolutions are… whatever your dreams are… you can achieve them all with a grateful heart and a heart that’s willing to rise up again after falling down for the thousand times. See you soon!


Love and light,





ameliadevina1Amelia is a writer and Intuitive Coach. Her goal is to help you find out who you truly are and why you are here, and therefore, support you to live yourself as the true you – the best version of yourself. She does that by giving you tools that you can immediately apply to improve your life, your relationship, your career, your health and many more than you can possibly dreamed of. She serves through offline and online classes, workshops and retreats. She regularly shares her passion through the newsletters that you can subscribe for free at ameliadevina.com. You can contact Amelia at hello@ameliadevina.com or her Facebook page and her instagram/ twitter @ameliadevina777.


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