Inspiring activities you can do during the holiday




For many of us, Eid holiday is the time to come back to the place where we grew up as a kid and see our parents, or go on vacation with our family. But, for some others, holiday is the time to just stay at home and relax. What about you?


Whichever that is, holiday always brings about the joyful and relaxing nuance! Almost everybody loves holiday. Me, too 🙂 This year, my family and I choose to go out of town and enjoy the nature there (do wait for some photos…). However, the most important thing about a holiday is not the places that we visit or the food that we eat. It’s also not about the photos. The most important thing is how holiday can give more value and meaning into our lives through experiences.


This time I challenge you to do something different during the holiday! I am inviting you and me to freshen up our mind, get new knowledge and eventually increase our spiritual and also material wealth IN A MATTER OF SECOND!


Total cost = 0.
Benefits received = priceless.


If you are excited for something new *raise your hand*, if you love to watch videos *raise your hand* and if you are always on to learn new things in life *again, raise your hand*, you will definitely love what I am going to share.


These people have tremendously changed my way of thinking and my life. Revolutionary. Radical. And I think, how good it is that instead of just me, you too can get equal chance to live a happier, more abundant and more successful life!


Geshe Michael Roach

My first encounter with Geshe Michael Roach was through a good friend who invited me to see Geshe Michael live on a seminar when he came to Jakarta this July 14. The first thing that came into my mind when I learn about him was: what principles do a Geshe apply to be so successful in so many areas of life?


Geshe Michael Roach is the first American who is bestowed with the title Geshe (Master in Buddhism) after 20 years of training in Tibetan monasteries. He has applied what he has learned to become a world class speaker, businessman, author, educator and musician. Geshe Michael graduated with honors from Princeton University and he was awarded a Presidential Scholar Medal from US President in the White House. He has previously sat as the Vice President of Andin International Diamond Corporation. Starting the business with $50,000 loan, he then managed to increase the sales up to $100 million per year, and in 2009, the company was bought by Warren Buffet, world economics’ giant.


In life, there are times when we feel stuck — no increase in income, no ideal partner and we don’t feel happy. Geshe Michael’s mindset is very unique. According to him, when we want something in life, that’s precisely when we need to help other people to get exactly the same thing! If we want to have a kind and loving partner, we have to give our time to those who are lonely. If we want to get a great job or income, we need to invest our time and attention to train others so that they can get the great job or income. That way, there will be less and less people who are lonely, less and less poor people, because here we help one another. You will learn more about it after you watch the video below.






Marie Forleo

What catches my attention the most from Marie Forleo is her tagline: Make Money. Change the World. Often times we feel that the material and spiritual world cannot go side by side. Through Marie, I learn that marketing is actually very beautiful and spiritual.

Marie reaches more than 275,000 people in 193 countries all around the world to succeed in business and in life. Her mission is to help you find that unique potential within you to change the world. As the creator of MarieTV program and B-School, she has been interviewed by Tony Robbins, world’s number one life coach, as one of today’s leading lifestyle and online marketing experts; and also mentored young entrepreneurs at Richard Branson’s Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa. Through her Change Your Life, Change The World® initiative, each for profit training program is tied to a non-profit partner who supports women, the environment and entrepreneurship.

Marie has changed my way of thinking regarding money and marketing, including promoting myself. That because of marketing, right now you can find me and receive this writing. That because of marketing, you can receive all the blessing and healing through my various therapy programs. That receiving money is good and is equal to giving joy to others. Marie takes my hand to take the works that I’m doing to the higher levels, to look at the exiting potentials and meet new people with the same vision across the globe!





Deepak Chopra dan Oprah Winfrey

To hear even one of those names above makes us all dazzled. But, what if Deepak and Oprah collaborate in a meditation program to inspire the world?


Deepak Chopra is a world renowned author and spiritual teacher. Regarded as one of the most famous and wealthiest holistic health movement figures in the century, he is also a promoter of alternative medicine. Oprah Winfrey is a media proprietor, TV host, actress, producer and philanthropist. Last March was the first time I took part on their program, Manifesting True Success. Everyday, 21 days in a row, we get free access of the approximately 20-minute meditation program, and we are guided step by step to know who we truly are, what true success means and how we can manifest it in our lives. Not only calming my mind as the immediate effect of meditation, this program has also expanded my way of thinking and touched the source of success within me.


This July 13, Deepak and Oprah has just launched their brand new meditation program, Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude. Because the free access is limited to only the last five days, I highly suggest you to participate in the program starting today. After 21 days, you can still enjoy the program by purchasing the application easily in their online store. I know you will love this very very much! Through this program, we change the word ‘grace’ from noun to verb. Through gratitude, we then become the grace itself.





These four people have literally changed my life and I am forever grateful to have learned from them. I am sharing my experience here so that you too can receive the benefits for your life!


After watching these three videos above and getting to know more about these teachers, which one of these beautiful people inspire you the most? I know you have learned a lot here, but please share 3 new insights you have received so that now we can inspire one another.


And because these teachers are so inspiring, you would be so eager to tell all your family and friends about the changes and miracles that may happen in your life and their lives. When all of us change to be our better selves, the world can then become a better place.


I am so very grateful for the love and support that you give to me each and every week. I will see you again in the discussion page and please share this writing so that there will be more people who get inspired and feel the true happiness in life.


Enjoy your holiday, see you soon!




Love and light,


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