Important message from The Martian




So, I’ve got an important message from The Martian I have to pass on.
No, I didn’t travel there (of course, I didn’t.. duh, Amelia!).
I did not go there through dreams. Or even hypnosis.
I watched the movie! 🙂


Telling a story about this hot guy named Mark Watney who was stranded on Mars for almost 2 years just by himself, the movie which is based on a novel, is really captivating. First, I love it because it talks about the outer space. And we love outer space, don’t we?! Second, it talks a lot about solitude, loneliness, survival and what can be done in between.

That’s why I want to share with you this important message I loosely quoted from the last few lines of this movie. This is Mark Watney talking to his NASA students on Day 1.


“So, have I thought of dying and be eventually dead on Mars?
Yes, I have.
At some point, everything’s going to go south on you. You can either accept that, or you can get to work.
Solve your situation, one problem at a time. You gotta do it just like that.”


Ain’t those true? Today, I want you to think about it and act upon it. When you face shitloads of problem in your life, you just have to face it one by one. One problem at a time. Don’t look too far yet, it may daunt you, just tackle what’s in front of you. Step by step. Day by day. Cheer yourself for every stage that you’ve been through. You’re born a winner! You may forget about it, but now I’m reminding you.


So now, it’s time for me to hear from you. If you have watched the movie, what one important lesson can you learn from it? If you haven’t watched the movie, that’s okay, you still have to make a comment 🙂 What do you think of what Mark Watney said above? Do you believe in solving your challenges, one problem at a time?


My friend, thank you so much for reading! And if you enjoy this short article, please share the fun and wisdom to your friends, too. I know they’ll appreciate you for it. Wish you never ending courage and willpower to face your days. See you soon!



Love and light,


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