If there’s an angel on earth, she must be a Mother




Since about 5 years ago, I dream of writing books about inspiring ordinary people who are unheard of and unknown of. This year, I am inviting you to make this dream, which can change the lives of many others, comes true.

About a week ago, I put up a question on my facebook account: “If you can only write down one name, who is the one you admire the most in the whole universe? And why?”

The answers are diverse, from Buddha to Chuck Norris! But, among all answers that I receive, the one I see the most is: Mom. Mother. And that’s get me to think, what about we learn the wisdom coming from our Mothers this time? Our first and foremost school, teacher, best friend and supporter.




Because the book is from us and for us, there are few things I need to share with you:

1. The format and launching date of the book

Until today, I still think of releasing this as an E-BOOK, both in English and in Indonesian, on December 22, 2015 – the day Indonesian celebrate the Mother’s Day.

2. The content

I really need your help to contribute your ideas and recommend a story of a mother, who then will be a candidate to get her story written down and published in the book. You don’t have to worry, I’ll be the one to do the interview.

3. The book sales and its outcome

This book can then be purchased based on DONATION and ALL of the sales outcome will be CONTRIBUTED to our chosen charity which focused on supporting the well-being of mothers in the respective countries. So, if you’re American, all donation from the buyers in the US will go for a chosen charity in the US. The same goes if you’re in China, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. (unless you choose differently). Because we love our mothers, through this book we pray and we act so that mothers all around the world are happy and healthy.



That’s why, I need you to help me to do these two simple things together:

1. Recommend a mother.

If you’re a mom and you’d like to recommend yourself (yes, you can!), if you want to recommend your mother (you should!), if you want to recommend a mother you know (how good could that be!), or if you’d like to encourage your friends to get their mothers sign up (oh, how super-wonderful!) – send me an email, tell me the name of the mother and briefly share with me why you think she should share her story and get in the book. It will be better if her story hasn’t been published before.

2. Recommend a charity/ organization.

Help me choose a charity/ organization in your country or in your city to be benefited from our donation. I hope, on the day, beside the money, we can also involve directly to contribute and help in one of their activities. This charity should operate based on compassion, they are honest, trustworthy and have proved themselves to have given concrete values to the mothers they are supporting.


And dear Friends, because I know that this is not a tiny project, I am very very very grateful for any help that you are giving me, even if you’re only contributing a name for me. Because I deeply appreciate your kindness, I will put your name as a co-partner of the book, and this goes to everyone who’s helping to bring this book into reality.


I really hope that what we are doing can give a room for mothers to speak out and be listened to, a writing and picture to be remembered, an inspiration which can move the hearts of many. May this work serves as a crown deserved to be worn by our mothers, extraordinary people dress ordinarily. Were unheard of and unknown of, but now have voices, listened to and acknowledged. Since I was very young, I knew that this is my calling — and thanks to you, I believe this dream is coming true.

>> Send your recommendation to my email now  or write down your recommendation on the discussion page.




Love love love and light,

Amelia Devina

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