I am stronger than my problems



Problems come and go, often unavoidable. But how we view a problem, that’s what important. I choose to accept whatever comes my way with a heart full of gratitude and happiness.


Have you ever had a problem that makes you feel miserable that you keep worrying about it even in your sleep? Are you feeling that you’re at the lowest level in your life? Do you have many questions about why all these happening to you? Relax, take a deep breath, this is what we all call life. As long as you’re still alive, it’s only natural that you would find obstacles are coming your way, and that’s okay. What important is how you face and fix your problems.


You can’t keep letting the problems rule you. You can’t function normally if you do that, and even if you can, your mind will always be filled with worries. And that’s not good, right?


If you think you are that unlucky and miserable, take a look around you. Everyone has their own problems, you are not alone. You can’t keep blaming yourself by having all your problems.


Actually you can be grateful when life gives you problems because that means you are given life lessons you currently need in your life. Lessons that you can learn to be a tougher and wiser person, to reach higher level in your life.


First, you need to realize that there is always a solution to every problem. Believe in yourself that you can face it and that you are stronger than your problems. Because when you believe in yourself, it would make your life way easier.


These are ways to face your problems and be the stronger one.


1. Believe in yourself

When you know what you are capable of, you can face your problems confidently. Remember, you are stronger than you think you are. You are powerful.


2. Do some research first

If you are not really sure in how to fix your problems, you can do some research. With the result of the research, you can be more confident in solving your problems.


3. Talk to your friends and family

Ask your close friends or family about their opinions on your problems. A true friend will always try to help you, and at least, they will be there for you to hold your hand while you are in struggle.


4. Find help

Be humble enough to find help to solve your problems when necessary. A professional one, if you’d like. Find a healer/ coach/ counsellor that you can trust and that you feel comfortable with.


5. Don’t let the problem rules you

Problems are not supposed to take the portion of your whole world. Don’t let the problems rules you. When you embrace your problems with gratitude and joy, you’ll feel so much lighter and you’ll find that you actually have the capacity and strength to deal with it.


6. Keep moving

That doesn’t mean you need to ignore your problems and you don’t try to look for the way out. It’s just, at the same time you are trying to solve your problems, you can keep on doing what you are doing without worrying too much about the problem.




So, have you had a problem that bother you so much? What have you done to fix it? Please share your experience in the comment column below.


If you ever need someone to help you find the way out for your problem, you can contact me here. Thank you for reading, please share this article to the people who you love that struggling with their life problems. See you soon!


Love and light,







Amelia is a Quantum Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Coach. Her goal is to help you find out who you truly are and why you are here, and therefore, support you to live yourself as the true you – the best version of yourself. She does that by giving you tools that you can immediately apply to improve your life, your relationship, your career, your health and many more than you can possibly dreamed of by incorporating methods such as past life regression, hypnotherapy, chakra wisdom healing, clearing, card reading, life coaching and meditation. Now, she serves through one-on-one therapies and coaching, and also offline and online classes, workshops and retreats. She regularly shares her passion through the newsletters that you can subscribe for free at ameliadevina.com. You can contact Amelia at hello@ameliadevina.com or her Facebook page and her instagram/ twitter @ameliadevina777.

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