Hello, I’m Amelia Devina…!

Hello, I’m Amelia Devina


Amelia Devina

Everything happens for a reason. I believe in it and that’s why I know our “meeting” here is more than just a coincidence. 

As a writer and counselor, I have to admit that I am so interested in you. I love to support and guide you through this path that we call life and share happiness with you. Basically, I love you! It’s just so natural for me to be so.

My goal is to help you find out who you truly are and why you are here, and therefore, you are able to live as the true you while you’re here. I do that by giving you tools (writing, healing, reading, guided meditation, etc.) that you can immediately apply to improve your life, your relationship, your career, your health and many more than you can possibly dreamed of.

Like you, I also believe in the power of love and the power of mind. I have faith in my unlimited potential and capabilities, the help of Divine guidance, and the Divine that is within me, you, and all of us. Let’s connect! You can sign up to receive free updates through my newsletters and emails. Or even social catch-ups with lots of healthy vegan snacks and almond chocolate smoothies! We need to enjoy life no matter what, don’t we?

Of course, I also want to see you grow. That is why I also serve through workshops, retreats, and even corporate training so that everyone can embrace spirituality in our daily life. You are welcome to join our beautiful community where we empower each other together. Read more…



What can I do for YOU


A Journey to Find Out Who You Really Are and Why You Are Here


Do you feel you are meant for something big in life and yet have no idea on what to do?
Are you holding any anger towards family, friends or others and still cannot forgive and let go?
Do you trust that you can start afresh and detach from what no longer serves you?


You are not alone. I can feel you and I want to support you.
Allow me to be your guide to


Find and live your LIFE PURPOSE in just 10 simple steps. You can even start living your dreams NOW
– Receive mental and physical healing from your HIGHER SELF, the true nature within you
Accept. Forgive. Let go. 3 magical ways to start loving your life
– Receive constant Divine guidance and get help to build and execute your ACTION PLANS today
– Understand and embody the UNIVERSAL LAWS, the mystery of creation and death, the wheel of karma and many more

Everyone of you is UNIQUE and that is why my method, programs or classes are build and dedicated personally JUST FOR YOU.






Healing, Reading, Coaching

Receive self-healing for your mental, emotional and physical being through powerful QHHT
(Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), Tarot Reading, and Intuitive Counseling Read more…

Workshop & Retreat

Deepen your understanding and experience classes on awareness, universal consciousness, and self healing techniques to succeed in life, in relationships, business, and many more. Read more…

Corporate Training

Infuse spirituality, mind-body-soul therapy, mindfulness meditation, and deeper knowledge of personal development training in your company and institutions. Read more…




Work With Me



Get personal with me

Of course, before you work together with me, you would want to know that you will be able to trust me and be comfortable with me. Talk to me like an old friend or a girl-friend and just relax. Let’s get intimate! We will do great things together, so before we dive in, you can check out whether I am your type of gal. The key here is to be honest with yourself. Do you see us click? How does your body react when you are reading about me? Use that as your ally. If your heart says “yes”, then we are up for a whole exciting journey together. Read more about me here...


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